Ram War Wasp

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Ram War Wasp
Artwork of a Ram War Wasp from Pinball

A Ram War Wasp

Main Species War Wasp
Damages by



Missile Launcher (upon defeating along with Hive Mecha)

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Chozo Ruins

The Ram War Wasp is a variety of War Wasp found on Tallon IV.


Ram War Wasps are the only species on Tallon IV to have evolved a hive mind which allows them to think as one, enabling them to be dangerous predators capable of taking down larger organisms. Ram War Wasps attack by circling their prey in an attempt to confuse them, then ramming the target.

Samus only encounters this variety in the Hive Totem of Chozo Ruins while battling the Hive Mecha, which trains and houses them.[1]





  1. "Security unit programmed to work with predatory hive dwellers. ​A design flaw makes the shielding on Hive Mecha weak around their access ports.​ These units are second-​generation combat drones,​ able to interface with organic units at a higher level.​ They train,​ shelter,​ and work with hive-​dwelling predators.​ Unarmed,​ they rely on their hive beasts to handle any threats." —Metroid Prime Logbook "Hive Mecha" (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Airborne predator.​ Circles its prey and then strikes. ​The War Wasps are the only species on Tallon IV to evolve a true hive mind.​ Nesting in damp,​ dark places,​ Ram War Wasps emerge in small groups when threatened and circle their enemy at high speeds,​ disorienting it.​ Striking from all sides as a single intelligence,​ they can fell huge organisms." — Logbook "Ram War Wasp" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブラッドワスプ  Blood Wasp  

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