Hi-Jump Boots

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Hi-Jump Boots
Hi-Jump Boots sm Artwork.png

Artwork of a Hi-Jump Boot from Super Metroid

Located in
  • Norfair (Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, and Super Metroid)
  • Sector 2 (TRO)
How to Obtain

Defeat Zazabi (Metroid Fusion)

  • Allows Samus to jump higher
  • Gives Samus the Spring Ball ability (Fusion and Zero Mission)

The Hi-Jump Boots, formerly known as High Jump Boots, allow Samus to increase the height of her jump. It was first featured in Metroid and has been in every 2D Metroid game since. The Hi-Jump Boots also allow Samus to jump in Morph Ball mode in Metroid Fusion[1] and Metroid: Zero Mission,[2] while in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Super Metroid, a separate upgrade is required.

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Sprites[edit | edit source]

Game Hi-Jump Boots
Metroid: Zero Mission Hi-Jump Boots

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