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Justin Bailey in Metroid's password screen
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Justin Bailey is a password found in Metroid. Though multiple variations of the password exist, the most basic version of the code allows Samus to start in Norfair with 255 Missiles and six Energy Tanks, both of which are the maximum of either item Samus is able to acquire in the original Metroid. Samus is also already in possession of the Morph Ball, Bombs, the Screw Attack, and the Varia Suit.



  • Though Justin Bailey is amongst the most well known codes for Metroid, it is believed by some to be merely a fluke in the password system.
  • For some time, it was believed that "bailey" meant "bikini" in Austrailia and that "justin" referred to Samus being "just in a bailey," in reference to Samus being only in a bikini. This rumor still lingers despite "bailey" having long since been shown to not actually be a word for "swimsuit" in Australia or any other English-speaking country.