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This article is about the area Norfair. For the Super Smash Bros. stage, see Norfair on Smash Wiki.

Norfair is one of the most inhospitable areas found on Planet Zebes. Located deep beneath the planet's surface, Norfair is a highly-active volcanic caverns, and home to many highly adapted creatures. Symbolized by massive lakes of magma, superheated caverns, and boiling streams of highly acidic substances, Norfair is by far one of, if not the most, dangerous places on Zebes. Also, going even deeper into Norfair reveals ancient Chozo constructs left abandoned, save for the Space Pirates who, during the events of Super Metroid, construct a massive base there. Within the lower sections of Norfair, also resides Ridley, the leader of the Pirates' military. Norfair has appeared in Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission.


Metroid and Zero Mission

Norfair's purple "bubble" area in Metroid.

In the original Metroid and its remake, Norfair is a volcanic area with very high temperatures, although there are no requirements to enter the area, which was introduced in the remake and Super Metroid. The caverns of the area consist of what appear to be purple bubble-like formations, some of which can be bombed with Morph Ball Bombs to access previously inaccessible areas. While most of these lead to Missile Expansions, one of these bombings is required to gain access to Ridley's Lair. The most common enemies that appear in Norfair are Novas, Gamets, Gerutas, Multiviolas, and a form of the standard Ripper.

Super Metroid

Samus reaches for a Reserve Tank in Norfair.

Norfair of Super Metroid appears to have been heavily flooded with lava after Samus's first visit to the planet. Most of the area is lava-filled and highly dangerous, and can only be accessed with the acquisition of the Varia Suit. Most of the lava in this area can be accessed into with the Gravity Suit. However, a certain type of lava, which seems to be some kind of acidic corroding material, commonly appears and cannot be avoided. The acid first appears in the fight with Crocomire. The most common enemies of Norfair are Magdollites, Alcoons, and Rippers. The main upgrades of the area are the Grapple Beam, the Ice Beam, and the Wave Beam. A large portion of Norfair is Ridley's Hideout, or Lower Norfair. This contains the Screw Attack and access to the final boss to unlock the path to Tourian, Ridley.

Names in other languages

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Korean 노루페어  Norfair  
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