Mecha Ridley

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Mecha Ridley
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Ridley's mechanical incarnation


Metroid: Zero Mission

  • Fireballs
  • Energy Beams
  • Rockets
  • Claws
Vulnerable Area(s)



Space Pirate Mother Ship



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Mecha Ridley (also known as the Ridley Robot) is an incomplete robotic weapon constructed in the image of Ridley, found in the Space Pirate Mother Ship.[1] It attacks by firing rockets that can be destroyed for energy and ammunition, energy beams launched from its eyes, and fireballs. Mecha Ridley blasts the fireballs out in alternating diagonal blasts that Samus can evade with the Space Jump. It also can use its claws for melee attacks.

Mecha Ridley's weak point is a glowing area on its chest, covered by thin casing that must be shattered. The only weapons capable of damaging the vulnerability are Missiles and Super Missiles, especially when fired at a specific height. Mecha Ridley will normally keep its leading claw as well as its neck in front of the vulnerability to prevent damage, but when it slams the claw into the ground, its neck will have also moved upwards a bit and thus Samus can damage the robot.

Once Mecha Ridley is defeated, a large amount of energy will be left behind. The robot then has its eyes glow red, signalling the activation of the ship's self destruct mechanism, forcing Samus to escape.


Game Mecha Ridley
Metroid: Zero Mission Mecha Ridley


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  1. "Ridley made an image of himself to demonstrate his power by making that image as a powerful weapon. Incidentally, it is currently incomplete, and is currently at the halfway stage, becoming more massive once the walking unit and flying unit is installed." Sakamoto Questions, Metroid Database

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