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Artwork of Proteus Ridley

Proteus Ridley It is the result of the recovery of organic parts of Ridley,

after his body was destroyed by Samus by 90% in Metroid:Zero Mission.


Proteus Ridley is the result of the phase that comes after Omega Ridley,

ridley's body in this phase has been regenerated half, half,

50% Organic

50% Metal Parts,

only appears in Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS,

as the final boss of the game,

with the sole objective of catching the last Metroid (species)


This transformation did not last long since after his defeat in SR388,

Months passed and Ridley attacked the Ceres Space Colony,

the place where Samus left the Baby Metroid for the scientists to study, ´

and Ridley stole the Baby Metroid but Ridley had already been fully regenerated.

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