Power Conduit

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An energized Power Conduit.

Power Conduits are utilized by Samus to provide power to inoperative doors in Metroid Prime. Though invisible to the normal light spectrum, they do emit a heat signature that can be targeted using the Thermal Visor, and Samus can energize them with a shot of electrical energy from the Wave Beam.[1] The number of Power Conduits that must be energized to provide power to an inoperative door varies anywhere from one to four. The Conduits can either be exposed or lodged behind an obstructive material that needs to be removed before the Power Conduit can be energized, such as Cordite.



  1. "This door has no power. A nearby Power Conduit must be energized for it to open. A blast of electrical energy will energize the conduit. The conduit radiates some heat that is invisible to the normal light spectrum." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)