Private First Class L. Brouda

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Private First Class L. Brouda
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The corpse of PFC L. Brouda



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Private First Class L. Brouda was a member of the GFMC Task Force Herakles' Squad Bravo. He was aboard the G.F.S. Tyr when it made an emergency landing on Aether and was subsequently stranded.

After arriving on Aether, Brouda was assigned to Force Two, the division of Squad Bravo created to set up an Ops base on the planet. As indicated by his Trooper Log, Brouda was well-informed regarding the desperateness of their situation, and was convinced that he and his fellow troopers would meet their end on that planet in the line of duty.[1]

At one time, Brouda was apparently assigned a watch shift in the GFMC Compound despite being a Force Two member. After losing an unspecified bet, Brouda switched watch duties with PFC S. Milligan and took a shift in the "hot zone," which may have actually spared his life.[2]

Brouda's seating assignment aboard the Tyr was beside PFC M. Veroni, in the same row as PFC I. Crany.[3]



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