Private First Class S. Milligan

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Private First Class S. Milligan
PFC S. Milligan mp2 Screenshot 01.png

Milligan, slaughtered beside the G.F.S. Tyr



Place of death

GFMC Compound

Log Entry


Private First Class S. Milligan was a member of Squad Bravo of the GFMC Task Force Herakles who served as a trooper on board the G.F.S. Tyr and was assigned to Force One after the emergency landing on Aether.[1] After winning a bet with fellow trooper Brouda, Milligan took his watch duty, supposing it safer than other assignments. While recording the log that Samus later recovers, however, Milligan was attacked by an unspecified enemy, possibly the swarm of Dark Splinters that resulted in the trooper's death.

Milligan's seating assignment aboard the Tyr was beside Private First Class E. Denys.[2]



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