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Rodney Aran

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Rodney Aran
Rodney Aran

Rodney Aran dreading the incoming Space Pirates



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Rodney Aran was Samus Aran's father. He was the leader of an Earth colony on the planet K-2L, and the husband of Virginia Aran. His only active appearance has been in the Metroid manga.

Rodney Aran appeared only in the early stages of the manga. Rodney is introduced as a stern character with a loving affection toward his wife and daughter and a strong determination to fulfill his duty for the Federation. Rodney also seems to care about the success of the Milky Way Galaxy, even at his own expense.[2]

After the Space Pirates attacked under the command of Ridley, Rodney died protecting the planet's Afloraltite from Space Pirate use. Immediately after the Pirates had loaded the mined Afloraltite to their cargo ship, Rodney had sneaked in with no weapons, only a welding laser used for repairs. Rodney was confronted by a pair of Pirates and could not defend himself. Instead, Rodney chose to ignite the Afloraltite using the welding laser, causing a massive explosion that killed him and wiped out everyone near the colony except for Ridley and Samus. When put to the test, Rodney was indeed prepared to make a large sacrifice to defend the Milky Way from Space Pirate abuse.

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