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A pair of workers handling Afloraltite

Game(s) Manga only
Located in K-2L
Properties Mineral used as Fuel

Afloraltite is a substance used as fuel by the Galactic Federation, Space Pirates, and all "space-faring vessels."[1] The substance is similar to Fuel Gel and was possibly replaced as the universal fuel substance when it was discovered. It matches up with Fuel Gel's logbook entry, which states that Fuel Gel has been popular for two decades, a couple years after the mention of Afloraltite on K-2L.[2]

K-2L Mining Operations

Rodney Aran readies his welding laser to destroy the Afloraltite

The only notable Afloraltite appears in K-2L, Samus and her family's home planet. Afloraltite was rich in the planet K-2L and was mined by its human colonists for the Federation. Rodney Aran, Samus's father, was the head of mining operations on the planet and worked hard to mine Afloraltite for the Federation caravans.

When Samus was three, unexpected visitors, Old Bird and Gray Voice in a Chozo Ship, landed on K-2L in search for Afloraltite. The Chozo asked for the colonists to turn over the Afloraltite for unknown reasons. The true reasons for their search was to further their development of Metroids, but due to the powerful nature of the Metroids, the Chozo could not disclose information about them.[3] The two Chozo left empty-handed as Rodney refused to give up the Federation's Afloraltite.

Unknown to the Chozo, Ridley and a group of Space Pirates were following the Chozo. Ridley's curiosity was sparked by the Chozo's determination to land on a planet inconvenient to land on as K-2L, causing him to search the planet for anything of interest. Upon landing, Ridley noticed the amounts of precious Afloraltite and began killing the colonists and stealing the Afloraltite. After loading the mined Afloraltite to their Pirate cargo ships, Ridley ordered the annihilation of all humans on the colony. Rodney, however, had sneaked into the cargo ship and managed to ignite large quantity of Afloraltite using a welding laser, causing a massive explosion that stopped the Pirates. Afloraltite is not mentioned in any other incident.


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