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Scan Visor

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Scan Visor
The Scan Visor in Echoes

The Scan Visor in Echoes


Collects and records data

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Scan redirects here. For recorded copies of scans, see Logbook.

The Scan Visor is Samus's second standard visor. It has appeared in every game in the the Prime series. It can scan enemies, people, lore, data, and research. It can also scan terminals and activation panels to activate elevators, gates, and more.

Overall, the Scan Visor is Samus's source of basic and in-depth information on her surroundings. Scanning everything possible in the Prime series will usually result in some sort of reward. Many scans, such as bosses, can easily be missed and cannot be scanned again unless Samus has not gone to a Save Station.

The Scan Visor is also featured in Metroid: Other M, but has limited capabilities. It will only give a one or two word description of the scanned object, and will tell you how to destroy it. The Scan Visor can only be used in first person mode.

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