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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption North American Cover Art

Publisher Nintendo
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Platform(s) Wii

North American release August 27, 2007
European release October 26, 2007

Japanese release March 6, 2008

Genre First Person Adventure
Ratings ESRB: T
PEGI: 12+
CERO: B (12+)
Modes Single-player
Media Wii optical disc
Input Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller
Theme Title theme

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the tenth installment in the Metroid series and the third game of the Metroid Prime series, the last of the original trilogy. The game was developed by Retro Studios and released for the Wii in 2007 and Japan in 2008. Corruption is the fifth game in the Metroid timeline and takes place six months after the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.[1] The story revolves around Phazon and its corruption of the galaxy and Samus Aran herself. A Preview was available for purchase on the Wii Shop Channel a few weeks before the game's release. Overall the game lead to very positive reviews and turned out to be a critical success. The game has sold over one million copies worldwide.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Combat Visor of Corruption.

Controls[edit | edit source]

The gameplay of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is similar to that of the previous two Prime games, but with amplified controls for the Wii system. The game is considered a first-person adventure, as with the other games of the series. The basic form of gameplay in Corruption is pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, which aims the protagonist Samus Aran's Arm Cannon. This new feature allows for much more precise aiming and makes exploring windy passages much easier and quicker to accomplish. Three settings can be changed to suit the player's likings, those being Basic, Standard, or Advanced accuracy in moving the HUD with the pointer. The player presses the A Button to fire and lay bombs and the B Button to jump, the same as the GameCube counterparts. Missiles can be fired by pressing down on the D-Pad. Samus can enter Morph Ball Mode if the player presses the C Button. A lock-on feature can lock onto enemies if the Z Button is held down. A Lock on-Free Aim feature can be changed to the player's liking, which allows the player to set whether they can aim while targeting or not. The Z Button is also used to launch the Grapple Swing, and can be combined with the Nunchuk's motion controls to fire the Grapple Lasso. Objects can be scanned and Ship Commands can be performed with the button as well. A new gameplay mechanic, known as Hypermode, can be accessed by holding down the + Button and greatly increases Samus's firepower. Visors are selected by holding down the - Button and pointing at the requested Visor symbol. The 1 Button is used to access the Pause Menu, Logbook, Inventory, and Options. Holding down the 2 Button displays a hint on the screen for the player to be informed upon. Various motion commands can be performed to press terminals, pull levers, pump mechanisms, et cetera. Activating terminals and hand scanners is done with the A Button. A Screenshot tool can be purchased and executed with up on the D-Pad.

HUD Key[edit | edit source]

  1. Energy Meter - Samus's internal energy that increases when gathering Energy Units and absorbing Phazon, and decreases when she takes a hit from an enemy, expels Phazon, or is harmed by Fuel Gel, Acid Rain, and more. Collected Energy Tanks are represented with small squares above the meter.
  2. Map - A minimap of the current area that Samus is visiting. The player can access a larger-scale view of the map in the Pause Menu.
  3. Targeting Reticule - The crosshair that displays where the player is pointing the Wii Remote at the screen.
  4. Arm Cannon - Samus's main weapon of choice that can be upgraded for different shapes and color schemes.
  5. Targeted Enemy - An enemy that is visible on-screen will be surrounded with a targeting circle.
  6. Radar - A compass-like display that shows Samus's field of vision as well as nearby enemies. Enemies are shown as orange dots.
  7. Wii Remote Battery Life - Four bars that symbolize the player's controller power. Turns yellow when at one bar.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Samus activates thrusters in her Gunship's cockpit.

The overall gameplay of Corruption is somewhat different than Metroid Prime and Echoes. Instead of somehow losing all of their upgrades at the beginning of the game, the player progresses through the entire game without any weapons and items being lost. Also new to the series is the ability to enter Samus Aran's Gunship and interact with its features, which consist of an autopilot feature, a blast shield function, a Missile launching system, a radio console, a Corruption analysis, thruster controls, and game status information. None of these features are essential to completing the game besides the autopilot. One of the main new forms of gameplay is entering Hypermode with Samus's newly acquired Phazon Enhancement Device Suit. This greatly amplifies Samus's firepower by transforming her weapons into Phazon-based weaponry, such as the Hyper Beam. This allows much faster time for defeating heavily-armored enemies as well as open up Phazon passages. Due to the Hypermode feature, Beams cannot be switched freely. Instead, when acquiring new beam weapons, the current Arm Cannon form transforms into the new one, and cannot revert back to the original form. The Hyper Beam Cannon remains the same throughout the course of the game. Upgrades such as the Seeker Missile cannot be performed in Hypermode, whereas Hypermode upgrades such as the Hyper Missile cannot be performed outside of Hypermode. A new system of currency is introduced in Corruption, but does not effect actual gameplay and is only used to purchase artwork and bonus content. The Credits, in the form of the Screw Attack logo, are acquired after performing certain tasks such as defeating bosses and locating hidden passages.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Plot Synopsis
Dark Samus infiltrates the Space Pirate battleship Colossus and enslaves the entire Space Pirate organization with Phazon.
The Corrupted Space Pirates attack Galactic Federation Flagship Valhalla and capture its Aurora Unit, 313, and implants it into Planet Phaaze.
A Phazon-Corrupting virus spreads to each of the Federation's Aurora Units.
Phazon Leviathans are sent hurtling to planets Bryyo, Elysia, Norion, and the Pirate Homeworld.
Samus Aran is ordered to meet with bounty hunters Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda on the Galactic Federation Flagship Olympus.
Fleet Admiral Castor Dane and Aurora Unit 242 brief the hunters on the recent events and orders them to implant a cure into each of the Aurora Units.
The ship is attacked by Space Pirate vessels and commence an attack on the planet below, Norion.
Samus and the hunters are issued to activate three generators in the facility to power up its Planetary Defense System and destroy the incoming Leviathan.
Samus is attacked by Meta Ridley and they engage in a battle down Generator C's shaft. She is saved by Rundas, and continues to race to the Control Tower to activate the System.
Dark Samus arrives at the Tower and corrupts the hunters with Phazon. A wounded Samus activates the System before falling unconscious.
Samus awakens one month later with a Phazon Enhancement Device (PED) that keeps the Phazon in her body under a stable flow.
Samus is ordered to venture to the three infected planets and destroy the Leviathans as well as search for the missing bounty hunters. She sets off for Bryyo.
Samus discovers that her PED Suit may Corrupt her and must use her power carefully.
Samus locates Rundas, who is Corrupted, and the two engage in battle. Samus defeats him and he is killed by one of his own ice floes.
Samus destroys the Leviathan's shield generators and enters it, battling the Seed's guardian, Mogenar. The Seed is destroyed.
At Elysia, Samus cures the infected Aurora Unit 217 after defeating a Corrupted Ghor.
Samus sets off to locate components to a Theronian Bomb to destroy the Leviathan's shield.
In Xenoresearch Laboratories, Samus finds the presence of Metroids.
Samus gains access to the Leviathan and destroys it.
Samus acquires numerous upgrades at the Pirate Homeworld and disables the facility's shield, enabling the Federation to commence a full-scale assault on the planet.
Samus pilots into the final Leviathan and faces off with Omega Ridley, defeating him after a long battle. The Core is destroyed by Samus and Phazon has stopped spreading to planets.
Samus's final orders are to venture to the faraway planet Phaaze by wormhole and eradicate the Phazon threat from the universe altogether.
The PED Suit overloads due to Phaaze's atmosphere and Samus enters permanent Hypermode.
Samus faces off against her dark twin for the final time.
Dark Samus retreats to Aurora Unit 313, which is fully capable of battle, and engages Samus in the Sanctum of the planet.
The Unit is defeated by Samus and the planet's core detonates.
Samus escapes Phaaze's explosion just in time, and her mission became a success.
An unknown starship follows Samus's Gunship through space.

Spoiler warning:The following contains key plot or intense ending details.

Reaction[edit | edit source]

Dark Samus is reborn.

Corruption takes place approximately six months after the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.[1] The Space Pirate battleship Colossus soars through space after collecting the final deposits of Phazon from Planet Aether.[2] However, the Pirates unknowingly acquired the remains of Dark Samus, who had been defeated on the Planet below.[2] The doppelganger revived herself by absorbing massive amounts of Phazon in her storage room, further suggesting that the creature is indeed the Metroid Prime that was somehow resurrected after its downfall on Planet Tallon IV.[2][3] She regains her humanoid form with a different suit and sets out to kill a third of the crew aboard the vessel.[2] The remaining units were Corrupted by Phazon and put under Dark Samus's control, and soon the entire Space Pirate Organization was beguiled by the creature's witchery.[2][4] Dark Samus ventured off alone to Phaaze, the source of all Phazon, and returned to the Colossus with a Leviathan, and returned to Phaaze through a wormhole with the Corrupted Space Pirates.[5] The Force attacked the G.F.S. Valhalla, a Galactic Federation Vessel, and stole the flagship's Aurora Unit, 313.[6] This led to the discovery of many secrets of Phaaze and allowed Dark Samus to take control of Leviathans and send them to Planets at her own will, which she dispatched to the Planets Bryyo, Elysia, Norion, and the Pirate Homeworld.[7][8] The leader of the Corrupted Force set off to Norion to ensure the Leviathan's impact on the heavily-guarded Planet.[8]

Initiation[edit | edit source]

Samus Aran searches for a new client.

Bounty Hunter Samus Aran is called to the Galactic Federation Flagship Olympus to meet with Fleet Admiral Castor Dane in a conference with three other Federation-hired Bounty Hunters: Rundas, a Phrygisian with special powers, Ghor, a cybernetic veteran with a large armorsuit, and Gandrayda, a shapeshifting female bioform. Dane discloses to the Hunters the existence of a Phazon-Corrupting virus that has infected the Aurora Units of Galactic Federation control,[9] most likely of Space Pirate origin,[10] that renders the Units unusable. 242, Olympus's Unit, was the first to receive a vaccine for the virus,[11] and keeps the organization under control. The Hunters are assigned to deliver vaccine to the Aurora Units across the galaxy.[12] As they receive their tasks, the ship is attacked by Space Pirate Boarding Pods and Troopers flood the facility. With the help of the Hunters, the crew resists the Pirate forces, although not without cost. Many Marines aboard the flagship were either killed or critically injured, and the Space Pirates brought the attack down to the Planet below, Norion. As Samus races to her ship to aid the Federation, a Berserker Lord attacks her, delaying her arrival to the Planet. She makes quick work of the mutated Pirate and sets off for Norion.

Catalysts[edit | edit source]

The Dark Twin arrives.

When she arrives at the planet, Samus is briefed on the situation by a Marine.[13] Three Generators control the planetary-defense system of the facility and must be activated in order to repel the Space Pirate attack.[14] While searching for the first generator, Samus is surrounded by pirates, but is saved by Rundas, who destroys four Space Pirate ATC ships and activates Samus's Command Visor.[15] Samus sets off to activate Generator A, while Rundas takes care of Generator B.[16] As Samus ignites the first Generator, Admiral Dane contacts her to warn her about the Leviathan that had just been sighted on a collision course with the planet, and explains that the pirates intend to use it to destroy the entire facility.[17] As she leaves the Generator, she meets up with a Federation PED Marine and learns of the Marine's devastating power.[18] Just as Samus advances, Meta Ridley flies overhead and is seen attacking an area of the facility. The path to Generator C is opened by Ghor after he dispatches a Berserker Knight.[19] On the way to the Generator, she is attacked by Meta Ridley while in Morph Ball mode but manages to evade his efforts and escape using Morph Ball Bombs. Meanwhile, Rundas manages to get Generator B back online.[20] She proceeds to Generator C and Gandrayda, who is disguised as a Space Pirate, defeats the Space Pirates in the room.[21] As the first attempt of activating the Generator fails, Samus enters a ventilation shaft in her Morph Ball form and activates the machine via Bomb Slots. Once she does so, Meta Ridley ambushes her from the top of the Generator and the two engage in a battle while falling down a shaft to the planet's core. Samus defeats Ridley and is saved just in time by Rundas,[22] and she activates the Generator. Once she does so, she races to the control tower and meets up with the other Hunters to fire the Defense laser.[23] Once at the top, the Hunters are about to activate the laser when Dark Samus arrives and fires an extremely powerful Phazon blast at the Hunters, knocking them unconscious. As the last intact Hunter, a broken down Samus struggles and finally ignites the System, destroying the Leviathan. She loses her strength and collapses with the other Hunters.

Persona[edit | edit source]

Samus is revived at last.

One month later, Samus awakens in the G.F.S. Olympus in a contained room with a Female Fleet Trooper, who explains to her all that has happened in the past month.[24] When Dark Samus attacked the Hunters, the Phazon from the blast was infused into their bodies, and now courses through their internal systems; their bodies are now in fact self-generating Phazon.[25] The Galactic Federation made effective use of these developments by donning the Hunters with Phazon Enhancement Device Suits to monitor and balance the Phazon being generated.[26] The acquisition of the PED Suit has many advantages in combat, including the ability to enter Hypermode at will and have their weapon systems enhanced with much more devastating power than before.[27] Hypermode also transforms Samus's Power Beam to a Hyper Beam that shoots out Phazon blasts. Samus tests her new weapons in the room and is then called to the briefing room to meet with Aurora Unit 242 and obtain a new mission.[28] She enters the room via elevator and is debriefed by Aurora Unit 242 on the two Leviathans that have impacted nearby planets which had no protection from the Galactic Federation forces.[29] The Federation sent Rundas to Bryyo and Ghor to Elysia to destroy the Leviathan Seeds that ravaged the planets, while Gandrayda was sent to locate the Space Pirate stronghold.[30] Communications with the Hunters were lost a week before Samus's awakening, and the Federation fears the worst for them; 242 instructs Samus to carry out their missions for them as well as learn of their whereabouts.[31]

Corruption[edit | edit source]

Samus overloads.

Samus, accepting her mission, travels to Bryyo, a primitive Planet ravaged by war.[32] The Bryyonian Race became extinct as a result of the Leviathan impact one month before Samus's arrival to the Planet, and they speak beyond the grave to anyone that may lift the veil of hate from the great Planet of Bryyo.[33] 242 informs Samus about a downed Federation Vessel that has been crashed on the Planet for some time, the G.F.S. Theseus. The Vessel contains a map of the Planet and can allow two Landing Sites to be discovered. Samus ventures through the Planet to find the necessary upgrades that she needs to gain access to the Vessel. She downloads data for her map and flies to the Fiery section of Bryyo to infiltrate the Shield Generator area to destroy the Shield that is keeping the Leviathan intact and uninterrupted. While on her journey, Samus enters Hypermode to destroy Phazon-based vegetation. Just moments later, she has a reaction of some sort and must quickly deplete the Phazon from her Energy Tanks. Samus had been Corrupted by Phazon. From there on, a few seconds after she activates Hypermode, the Phazon in her body overloads and can transform her into a twin of the Corrupted leader, Dark Samus.

Renegade[edit | edit source]

Mogenar, guardian of Bryyo's Seed, awakens.

Samus then locates the Temple of Bryyo and is ambushed by Space Pirates and their heavy arsenal of weaponry. They are quickly dispatched by mysterious flows of ice that turn out to be the work of none other than Rundas. Taking the attack as a rescue, Samus is very surprised when he suddenly attacks her. The two engage in combat, although Samus is mostly in self-defense. She defeats Rundas, and he is killed by one of his own ice floes. It is unknown if he did this for Samus's sake or for his own, being ashamed for his defeat. Dark Samus then appears to be stealing his body and soars off. Samus finds that she cannot destroy the shield generators without the necessary firepower, and flies off to the Cliffside to gain access to a new area using her newly-acquired Ice Missiles. She locates a Galactic Federation base that was in very bad shape after an attack by the Space Pirates, and learns more of her Corruption condition.[34] 242 tells her that she cannot defeat Dark Samus without the PED Suit. In the base, Samus equips her Gunship with Missiles and returns to the Temple to destroy the first shield generator. She succeeds and flies to the Thorn Jungle to destroy the second one. She first arrives at the area only to find out that the Space Pirate Troopers have the ability to enter Hypermode, and will become much more of a challenge than before. When Samus arrives at the shield generator backdrop, she finds that her ship cannot get a clear shot, for large anti-aircraft turrets patrol the area and will fire at the ship if it is commanded to bomb in that location. She sets off to destroy the turrets and does so by destroying the Fuel Gel canisters that propel from them. After she destroys the second and last shield generator, the energy shield that was surrounding the Leviathan will become offline and the Seed can be accessed. Samus flies there and locates the source of the Corruption throughout the Planet. However, before she can destroy the main core of the Seed, a massive Bryyonian War Golem, Mogenar, attacks her and the two engage in a battle. Samus uses up much Phazon during the battle in order to reveal the Golem's weaknesses, and as a result begins to vomit Phazon as the battle comes to an end. She becomes even more Corrupted, and her Visor turns to a Phazon-blue color. Regaining her strength, Samus overloads the Core with energy and ultimately destroys it, freeing Bryyo of further Corruption.

Junction[edit | edit source]

The aerial city of SkyTown amazes Samus.

After destroying the Leviathan of Bryyo, Samus returns to her Gunship and receives her next orders from Unit 242. 242 explains how a very similar epidemic has struck the Planet Elysia, and instructs Samus to solve the situation. However, the energy shield that protects the Leviathan is indestructible, so her main objective is to deliver the Phazon vaccine to an Aurora Unit that has been inputted on the Planet, 217. Elysia is an uninhabitable planet due to its highly radioactive surface, although a large city created by the Chozo was built and floats above the clouds, known as SkyTown.[35] The city is inhabited by a mechanical race of robot scientists, known as Elysians, who were created by the Chozo to further maintain the SkyTown facility and monitor the stars to gain the knowledge that the bird race could not discover.[35][36] By the time Samus lands on SkyTown, over fifty percent of the facility's original design was destroyed and gone, a result of the Leviathan hurtling towards the Planet.[37] She infiltrates the ziplines and pods of the facility and finally meets up with Aurora Unit 217, Corrupted by Phazon. Samus injects the vaccine into the Unit and connects it to the Main Federation Network, but a corrupted Ghor appears as if out of nowhere and severs the cables that connect 217 to the Network. As Samus chases after him, she receives ship status alerts that explain that heavy damage is being dealt to her Gunship. She has no choice but to fight Ghor to save her ship and the Aurora Unit, as well as acquire his Plasma Beam to mend the Network wires that were disconnected. After restoring the Aurora Unit, Samus sets off to locate three components to a Theronian Bomb, a nuclear device that can be used to destroy the Leviathan's shield and allow access to the Seed. She locates a Space Pirate facility on SkyTown and infiltrates it, acquiring the Ship Grapple Beam that can carry the enormous pieces of the device. However, before she can acquire the top if the bomb, she must first return to Bryyo and locate a secret and unexpected Ice area that can be accessed by a warp terminal. By doing so, she acquires the Screw Attack and once again sets off for SkyTown to gain access to the component.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Samus plants the Theronian Bomb onto the Spire Dock.

Samus acquires the first bomb component by defeating a Berserker Lord in the Turbine Chamber. She then sets off to locate the Seeker Missile, which is required to break a lock that holds the second bomb component, consisting of wires that must be hit with simultaneous blasts. The upgrade is found in the Xenoresearch Laboratories, which hold Phazon Metroids that were bred by the Space Pirates to once again use as biological weapons. When Samus obtains the Seeker Missile Launcher, she must turn off the power to the Labs to break the stasis chamber that holds it. The power outage weakens the Metroid cells and allows them to escape and pursue Samus through the maze-like corridors. While evading the Metroids and passing by the strewn bodies of Space Pirates, Samus manages to escape from the Labs and collect the bomb component. She acquires the third and final piece and fits them all together on her ship. She implants the bomb onto the Spire Dock as Aurora Unit 217 moves the entire SkyTown facility into position over the Leviathan. The Spire Dock then moves by its own with the Theronian Bomb to detonate upon impact on the shield. As Samus, alone on the Spire, protects the Spire from harm, a large Space Pirate force ambushes her and tries to destroy the Spire. Samus must defeat the Troopers that have breached the Spire for her own protection, as well as stop the Space Pirate Assault Skiffs from bombarding and destroying the Spire as well as the only chance of gaining access to the Seed. Samus bravely resists the force and defeats the entire squadron without any additional support. The Dock is now in place and she sets an Escape Pod to fly her back to SkyTown. However, right as she activates the Pod, it malfunctions and Samus must repair the severed cables that abide in the maintenance shaft underneath it. She successfully fixes the Pod just in the nick of time and soars back to the facility, the Bomb detonating behind her in an enormous explosion. This allows Samus to gain access to the Seed. When she does, she encounters the Corrupted Elysian Helios, who sees her as a threat and engages with her in combat. Samus defeats the mechanoid and overloads the Seed, saving the Planet and the Federation Solar System from the Phazon threat once and for all.

Commorancy[edit | edit source]

The desolate home of the Space Pirates suits them well.

The threat was not over, however. Aurora Unit 242 warned Samus of the final Leviathan that impacted a Planet during the simultaneous launch of Dark Samus and the Space Pirates, which happened to be the race's own Homeworld. If the Corruption threat was not disposed of from the Planet soon, the Pirates would grow overly powerful with Phazon and spread the Corruption far across the galaxy. Samus arrives at the Homeworld and enters the area's Command Courtyard, which is the only path to the Leviathan. However, the area is inaccessible, for dangerously corrosive Acid Rain falls in the Homeworld and can quickly kill any creature that comes in contact with it in a matter of seconds. While Samus infiltrates the area to find a solution to the rain problem, she locates the Hazard Shield, a suit upgrade that protects the wearer from Acid Rain as well as Fuel Gel. Before she can find the way to acquire it, she receives a transmission from a Federation Marine that was captured during the attack on Norion. He claims to have information regarding the Seed, and sends his coordinates to Samus and opens up a Landing Site for her to fly to. When she does so and meets up with the Trooper, he tells her that he will help her with obtaining the Hazard Shied as well as gain access to the Seed. The two activate a lift to the top of a tower where they can return to the Courtyard and locate the Shield. As Samus leads the way to the Landing Site, the Marine fires at her and reveals himself to be Gandrayda, the last surviving Hunter from the Federation briefing. She battles Samus atop the Tower surrounded by Acid Rain, imitating previous battles that Samus had endured before, such as Berserker Knights and the other Hunters. Samus defeats Gandrayda and acquires the Grapple Voltage, which opens up a new area back at SkyTown.

Incursion[edit | edit source]

The Pirate forces stand no match against the Federation Starships.

Samus returns to SkyTown to obtain the Spider Ball in order to gain access to the Hazard Shield. While the leaves the facility, Admiral Dane contacts her and informs her that the Federation is planning a full-scale assault on the Homeworld in order to gain access to the Seed. However, the Planet is surrounded by an energy shield that repels all large aircraft that tries to breach the operations. Samus returns to the Homeworld and acquires the Shield and can finally get past the Acid Rain. However, she cannot go far into the path to the Seed without the help of the Federation, so she sets off to deactivate the defense shield. On the way, Samus acquires the Nova Beam, which is essential to disabling the system, as it can be combined with the X-Ray Visor to shoot through Phazon walls and destroy the contents inside. Once Samus does so, the attack commences and the Galactic Federation fires their entire payload on the Homeworld, easily defeating the Pirate forces. Admiral Dane and a crew of Demolition Troopers land near Samus, and she protects them as they guide her to the Seed, destroying the walls blocking the entrance with their heavy-duty explosives. The Pirate Commander attacks the group at the end of the halls, and gravely injures Samus. Fortunately, she defeats the Pirates and, with the help of the Marines, opens up the pathway to the Leviathan. Samus flies in to do battle with a creature of her destiny.

Intervention[edit | edit source]

Samus faces off against Ridley for the final time.

Samus enters the Seed, where no creature seems to be guarding the core. Just then Omega Ridley, a revived form of Ridley, attacks Samus and the two duel in revenge for each other. Samus destroyed most of the Space Pirate forces and nearly killed Ridley many times. Samus still never forgives Ridley for what he did to her parents years before. After a long battle of the strongest, Ridley finally gets bested by Samus and is defeated for the final time, until much later. Samus destroys the Core and is much more Corrupted than ever before. After eliminating the Phazon threat from all Planets that were struck by Leviathans, she sets off to all Planets of the galaxy to locate and obtain Energy Cells to power up the ruined flagship Valhalla. She locates them all and explores the dark corridors of the haunting wreck, collecting information on the Federation and the attack on the ship months beforehand. When Samus reaches the Control Room of the Valhalla, she hears the final transmission from Aurora Unit 313, which told information of the Planet Phaaze, source of all Phazon. She acquires codes that can activate a wormhole that the Federation can use to teleport themselves to the incredibly far away Planet. Samus inputs the codes into the launch center, which causes a Leviathan to create a wormhole to Phaaze. The Galactic Federation Fleet quickly zooms into the warp and engages in a Starship battle with Space Pirates. Samus shoots toward the Planet in her ship in an effort to deal with the Living Planet herself. The Federation stood in their last chance to completely rid the entire universe from Phazon for all eternity.

Nature vs. Nurture[edit | edit source]

Dark Samus abides in the Sanctum.
The final battle with the Corrupted machine: Aurora Unit 313.

When Samus first enters the Planet, she immediately becomes extremely Corrupted and is forced to vent her Energy Tanks and enter permanent Hypermode. She has maximum firepower, but the more she uses them, takes damage, and even stays in the Planet, the higher the Phazon level will be. Once the level is completely filled, Samus will be one-hundred percent Corrupted and be overloaded with Phazon, most likely killing her before she could become Corrupted. She journeys through the strange alien Planet, as her Scan Visor cannot recognize most of the creatures that abide in the dark caves of Phaaze. Samus kills an Infant Leviathan that possibly could have spread to another Planet, such as Norion after the first failed attempt. Strangely, many husks of a Metroid Prime creature are found all over the room where the Infant is found, and could possibly mean that there is more than one of the creature. She drops down to the bottom of the Planet's canyon to endure the final battle. Dark Samus abides in the Sanctum under all in the Planet, and engages Samus in heavy combat and deals much damage to her. Dark Samus splits up into different forms, which is possibly a new ability that was inherited from the absorption of Phazon from the Planet's core. After an exhausting battle, Samus damages her dark twin enough to repel her and force her to merge into Aurora Unit 313, which violently attacks Samus in the final battle of the Phazon period. Samus attacks the back of the Unit's head with repeated Phazon shots, while resisting Dark Samus's shadows and trying not to become Corrupted. As the battle rages on, 313 becomes more aggressive and shows its true battle power, proving that it is more than just a machine. Samus's training and experience still bested the beast's brutal violence, and ultimately fell in front of Samus's true strength. The blow impacted the Planet's core, causing it to destruct and the entire Planet to be gone forever. The Federation Fleet, most of which could not escape the explosion, celebrated in the fact that the threat of Phazon Corruption is now truly gone. Admiral Dane, grieved over the loss of his great friend, does not celebrate. Just then, an unknown gunship soared across the space around the flagship Olympus. It was Samus Aran, showing her fellow comrades that her mission was complete.

The Uncertainty Principle[edit | edit source]

A mysterious cliffhanging spaceship.

Samus returns to SkyTown to recollect all that has happened on her mission. She grieves the death of her friends as well as rejoices that the galaxy is safe. She flies away in her Gunship and carries on her mission as a savior to the Galaxy. As she does, Sylux's ship appears behind her, chasing after her ship.

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Development[edit | edit source]

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption began development sometime around 2004 to 2005, when the new Nintendo "Revolution" system was being worked on.[38] When first shown at E3 2006 in the following year, early screenshots and footage led to mixed reception from audiences.[38] Fans complained that the graphics would be too similar to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and the framerate looked much slower than that of the previous games. Retro Studios responded to this by promising a much more refined look than what was presented, and a framerate of sixty frames per second.[39] WiiConnect24 was put to interest by Retro to have online interactions.[39] All of these demands were met in the actual release. The gameplay of Corruption was revealed earlier in a Gaming Convention in Tokyo, although the game shown was actually a modified version of Echoes.[38] The game was planned for a November 2006 launch, but was delayed to a 2007 release.[40] The game was not to be released before June, and was scheduled to be put into production before the end of Summer.[41] President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime stated that when the game is released, "it will be perfect. And if that's a little later than folks would have liked, I'm hoping they're going to be happy."[42] Details of Corruption were released in May of 2007 by IGN, stating that the game would be released on August 20, 2007.[43] The launch was delayed to one week later by Nintendo of America, most likely due to development and copy times. The game was next released in Europe on October 26, and last in Japan on March 6, 2008.

The control scheme of Corruption was said to have been "never played this way before" and will "reinvent the control scheme for a first-person shooter."[44] Voice acting was considered by Retro and later added to situate fan demands.[42] With this interaction, Samus still remains quiet during the entire game, as stated before in an issue of Nintendo Power. Control schemes were a large concern in development, for the Wii Remote has fewer buttons than functions.[45] The problem was solved with the delayed launch, which also led to the lack of inclusion for the Wii Zapper, a peripheral for the Wii Remote that simulates a gun, much like the NES Zapper and the Super Scope.[46] The Zapper released too late for a new scheme for the game to be made.[46] Regarding environments, they were said to have been custom-made with extremely detailed textures, making "every room its own custom stage."[46] This was met in the final production. A fairly small marketing campaign was held for Corruption compared to the other games, most likely due to Nintendo's liking of casual games for their new system. However, a Preview was released in the Wii Shop Channel, as well as several Metroid releases on the Virtual Console, being the original Metroid and Super Metroid. The event was known as the "month of Metroid."

Reception[edit | edit source]

Aggregator Score
GameRankings 90% out of 62 reviews[47]
Publication Score A
Electronic Gaming Monthly 26 out of 30
Famitsu 31 out of 40
GameSpot 8.5 out of 10
GameTrailers 9.6 out of 10
IGN 9.5 out of 10
Nintendo Power 10 out of 10
X-Play 4 out of 5

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has received generally positive reviews from the top critics in gaming. Media site responded positively and with great enjoyment to the new control scheme for the Wii.[48] The site described the graphics as "some of the best visuals in gaming, period."[48] Electronic Gaming Monthly rewarded the game with a Silver award as well as a Game of the Month title, sharing the honor with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and FIFA 08. The famous Japanese magazine Famitsu ranked the game a 31 out of 40 on their scale. GameSpot, a gaming website, ranked Corruption 8.5 on their scale, stating that the game's boss fights and puzzles were enjoyable, and that the levels were very atmospheric, siding with smooth gameplay that made the game feel more like a traditional shooter.[49] GameTrailers stated that the game was more action-packed than the first two games of the series, and that the atmosphere of Corruption suited the hardcore gamers more than Prime and Echoes.[50] Overall, the game was said to be "far superior to the original Prime" by the site.[50] Their response to the control scheme was that "After playing Metroid Prime 3 you'll never want to play a shooter with dual analog controls again, it's that good."[50] Game website MyWii ranked the title as the second-best Wii game after Super Mario Galaxy.[51] Corruption was also ranked below Galaxy by GameSpy for Game of the Year in 2007.[52]

Nintendo Power, Nintendo's official magazine, stated that "the stunning visuals and immersive gameplay of the finale to the Prime series proves that the Wii is ready for the mainstream gamer." Popular gaming network IGN awarded Corruption with a 9.5 out of 10, praising its beautiful design and stating that it is the best-looking title on the Wii.[53] The lack of voice acting in most Nintendo games amplified IGN's opinion on the voice acting, stating it was "well-done" with great actors.[53] Overall, they entitled Corruption as the best game in the Prime trilogy.[53] IGN awarded the game with the Best Wii Adventure Game, Best Artistic Design, and Best Overall Adventure Game titles.[53]

Corruption has also received its fair share of criticism from reviewers. Most complaints were with the new motion controls. X-Play commented that the control mechanics were awkward and difficult to control.[54] Lock-on mechanics were said to be odd by X-Play with free aiming, and constant aiming lead to tired wrists.[54] The game was said to be too similar to its predecessors by IGN, resulting in a lower rank than originally planned.[53] Despite the few complaints, Corruption was a commercial success, selling 218,000 copies in its first four days of release. Approximately two million copies have been sold worldwide.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the previous two games in the Prime series, Samus does not lose any upgrades that she acquires throughout the game.
  • Corruption is the only game in the Metroid series to feature downloadable content.
  • Many of the upgrades that were featured in the previous two Prime games are replaced by Phazon weapons, such as the Power Bombs being replaced by the Hyper Ball.
  • The four hunters in this game are representative of the same four elemental beams featured in Metroid Prime: Rundas's Ice Missile, Ghor's Plasma Beam, Gandrayda's Grapple Voltage, and Samus's Power Beam all correspond to the Ice, Plasma, Wave, and Power Beams respectively.

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An official TV advertisement for Corruption.

An official TV advertisement for Corruption.

The trailer that is shown in the Preview.

French Advertisement (one of two)

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Japanese Advertisement (one of four)

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