Baby Sheegoth

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Baby Sheegoth
Artwork of a Baby Sheegoth

Artwork of a Baby Sheegoth from Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime

Main Species Sheegoth
Damages by
  • Ice Breath
  • Energy blasts
  • Ramming

Plasma Beam

Immune to

Ice Beam

Vulnerable Area


Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Phendrana Drifts

Baby Sheegoths are the infant form of Phendrana's primary predator, the Sheegoth. They attack by ramming, firing bursts of ultracold gas, or breathing damaging frigid breath. Sheegoths' bodies are resistant to attacks, but their dorsal area is vulnerable. If Samus can break through the icy shell protecting their backs, she can quickly defeat Baby Sheegoths. Like other ice based creatures, Baby Sheegoths are especially susceptible to the Plasma Beam.

When Samus attempts to acquire the Wave Beam in the Chapel of the Elders, she is attacked by a group of four Baby Sheegoth. After they are defeated an adult Sheegoth attacks. Once Samus defeats Thardus, Baby Sheegoth become less common as the adults move into more areas.


Baby Sheegoths resemble reptiles (especially Diapsids) and are well adapted to the cold. They rely on ramming attacks and, at a distance, the creatures resort to burst projectiles. Their main weakness is their sensitive dorsal area, only exposed when their icy shell is broken. They are usually met in small packs of two or three, and become solitary as adults.

Baby Sheegoths demonstrate a unique nesting behavior that they carry into their adult lives. Baby Sheegoths will gather snowbanks around them to their liking and lay face down in the resulting crater until disturbed.





A Baby Sheegoth in action.



  1. "Glacial predator. Ice shell protects vulnerable dorsal area. Young Sheegoths grow a resilient shell of ice on their backs which serves to protect a layer of vulnerable flesh. With this being their only weak point, Baby Sheegoths will turn quickly in order to not allow predators the opportunity to strike at their backs. Powerful hunters, they fire bursts of ultracold gas at potential prey, then feast on their frozen victim." — Logbook "Baby Sheegoth" (Metroid Prime)

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