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Hello, I'm Bop1996, and I don't have much to say here. I am a sysop on the Mario Wiki, so if there's any inter-wiki issues between here and the Mario Wiki, I can most likely either deal with the problem myself or contact a user capable of doing it better than I.

As of whenever the last time I updated this is, I am unable to access a Wii or Gamecube. However, I've come across the means to play Metroid Fusion, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission, so once I overcome my appalling lack of anything remotely resembling skill, I'll actually be able to write about these games with something almost resembling coherency, which should hopefully lead to increased activity.

To-Do List

I'm not good at remembering to do things, but if there's something on this list, I at some point want to do it.

  1. Add boss pics to all the boss articles from Hive Mecha to Helios.
  2. Create tables showing the locations of expansions, for the pages about the expansions themselves. ON HIATUS.
  3. Draft or contribute to a revised Citation Policy, as our current one is out of date.
  4. Create a table for each game, showing the items (but not expansions) attainable within that game.
  5. Finish the Logbook entries everywhere.
  6. Create good articles on the red links for creatures in Corruption.
  7. Get all the locations in the Prime Trilogy (and probably eventually Super Metroid) up to a consistent standard, probably with Chozo Ruins, but there may be a higher standard at that point :P.
  8. Create a definitive database of dialogue from Corruption (and maybe Echoes, but that may already be on other articles alrready, idk).
  9. Create a definitive database of scan date for the Prime Trilogy (huge project relegated to when I get some large block of free time and other more important things are finished.
  10. Create articles on those obscure figures only in statues and lore entries from Corruption, like how we have an article on E-Btr but not Bryyo Fire.
  11. Significantly boost our Metroid manga content, especially the main page, expand articles such as Old Bird, and create articles like Pyonchi.
  12. Write Chozo
  13. Write Space Pirate
  14. Write Power Suit
  15. Write Metroid Prime

Ongoing objectives:

  1. Anything inconsistent gets changed asap, especially references and how we do those little things there.
  2. Destubbify articles everywhere
  3. Ensure that categories, templates, articles, and the wiki in general are all organized well and intuitively.

Completed objectives:

  1. Create a creatures-nav for Metroid Prime and Corruption.
  2. Fix Samus' article, write or rewrite every Documented Incidents section up to featured article quality, with proper references.
  3. Change the Lore articles to all be organized in one consistent fashion (still thinking of how to pull this off)
  4. Create a rooms-nav for MP3 (once necessary).
  5. Swap infoboxes and categories on creature and plant pages, specifically the Enemy-infobox template and any pages with the Enemies category encountered in that project.

Some random Metroid-related quotes from various places

Morphology: Sucky Thread
A thread created by MrConcreteDonkey of the MarioWiki Forums. It lurks in the depths of Mindless Junk preying on threads less sucky than itself. Vulnerable from within to Morph Ball-based weaponry. — '3K, MarioWiki Forums

Images to be placed on pages when I have the time