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The Chozo as depicted in Metroid Prime

The Chozo depicted in Metroid Prime

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The Chozo are a race of highly intelligent, bird-like extraterrestrials. The lore left behind by the Chozo colony on Tallon IV states that the Chozo were unsure of their exact origins.[1] At its peak, their civilization stretched to many planets. The Chozo are responsible for raising Samus Aran, the protagonist of the Metroid series, after the death of her parents and the entire K-2L colony, and for designing and constructing her Power Suit.

According to the Metroid Manga, the advanced technology of the Chozo eventually led to their undoing. Though they enjoyed unusual longevity, their ability to reproduce was compromised as a result and their numbers and strength gradually began to dwindle. Beyond that, their history and fate are something of a mystery, although many mentions and evidence of their existence are present throughout the Metroid series. It is unknown whether members of their race still survive, as they have never made a direct appearance in any of the games.

Chozo Civilization

SkyTown and Elysia

Chozo architecture in SkyTown.

According to Lore entries, the Chozo began the colonization of the planet Elysia and the construction of SkyTown roughly 1500 years before the events of the Metroid series. The Chozo created an area with individual Research Pods with what appears to be rocket engines under them, allowing them to hover. As the Chozo added on more to SkyTown, they spent great amounts of time for research and studies. This inspired them to create mechanoids to build and perform maintenance to the facility, while the Chozo studied space and its quantities.[3]

The mechanoids, dubbed as Elysians, were created about 50 years after SkyTown was first being built.[4]

The First Elysian was given self-awareness by the Chozo and marked Year One of the Elysian race.[4] The Chozo sent Observation Satellites through the regions of space to further study the stars.[5] A Chozo researcher discovered an unknown planet that was extremely far away, even in Chozo measurements.[5] The Planet was revealed to be a living sentient, although the rest of the data was lost before any more could be revealed.[5]

400 years after the Elysian debut, the Chozo departed from the Planet so that other races may use the SkyTown to learn of their knowledge and the Elysians may find answers to the mystery of the unknown planet.[6] The Chozo moved on and began to colonize the Planet Tallon IV, where a massive stellar object eventually collided with the planet. This was recorded by the Elysians as they were in stasis 200 years after their creators' departure, caused by the lack of critical supplies, and stored in their memories in "dreams."[7] The Elysians remained in their slumber for 835 years.[8]

Tallon IV Colony

The ruins of a Chozo city on Tallon IV.

The Chozo who colonized Tallon IV made a conscious choice to eschew a civilization of advanced technology. They chose to live in harmony with nature, guided by the providence of the universe.[1] In Metroid Prime, the Chozo play a significant role in the storyline and gameplay elements of the game. Samus can download translated Chozo Lore left behind by the colony, revealing the history of the Chozo who chose to live on Tallon IV. The lore reveals that the abandoning of technology and close harmony with the nature began to change the Chozo who had settled on Tallon IV:

Visions of impending doom were a common theme in the foresights of the chozo, but its form and nature were not revealed to them until a Leviathan made impact on the surface of Tallon IV. With their gifts, the Chozo were able to sense that there was something sentient connected to the phazon delivered by the meteor. Powerless to stop the spreading corruption, the Chozo made every attempt to contain the poison.[10] For this purpose they gathered all of their remaining resources and constructed a temple to seal away the source of the phazon. A lock, requiring twelve artifacts to open, was placed in the temple.[11] The Chozo realized that they could never completely eradicate the phazon infestation. In their visions they saw the coming a of a savior and decided to leave behind tools, weapons and armor for the savior to use in battle with the phazon.[12] Decades later, during the events of Metroid Prime Samus Aran fills this prophecy by destroying the source of Phazon on Tallon by utilizing this Chozo technology.

Diplomatic Relations

The Chozo made contact with other advanced species such as the Bryyonians, the Luminoth, the Ylla, and Humans.[13][14] They exchanged knowledge and technology with each other. Being a race with vast experience with technology the Chozo advised their new allies to find a balance between new technology and the native cultures of the different species. These warnings were not always heeded, which led to the destruction of the Bryyonians by their inner conflicts.[15] The Chozo were also responsible for the creation of the Elysians, a race of self aware mechanoids.[4]



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Language Name Meaning
Japanese 鳥人族  Bird-human race