Astronomical Holographic Projector

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Astronomical Holographic Projector
Astronomical Holographic Projector 04.png

The activated Projector

Game(s) Metroid PRime
Located in Observatory
Uses Displays spatial schematics
Creator(s) Space Pirates

The Astronomical Holographic Projector is a device utilized by the Space Pirates in the Observatory of Phendrana Drifts. It displays a spatial schematic of the FS-176 system and is in lockdown in accordance with security protocols when Samus first encounters it.[1][2] It consists of an upper node that can be retracted when not in use and a lower node that can be activated or deactivated independently of the upper mechanism.[3][4][5] The nodes can be activated in conjunction with four Spinner devices and two Bomb Slots, respectively.[6]

When Samus activates the upper node and it is lowered into position, she can acquire the Super Missile upgrade.

Samus can scan the projections for data on Oormine II, Twin Tabula, and Bilium, and Logbook entries for Tallon IV and Zebes.

Scan Data



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