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Astronomical Holographic Projector 04.png

The activated projector in the Observatory

Game Metroid Prime

Phendrana Drifts

Connected Rooms

The Observatory is a room in the Glacier One Research Headquarters of Phendrana Drifts. The room is connected to the Observatory Access, Save Station D, and the West Tower Entrance.


Samus first enters the room at the bottom and encounters a number of Space Pirates. The far side of the room has a number of terminals that can be accessed once the Pirates have been defeated. One of the terminals activates two Bomb Slots on the walls just above two low ledges. Once these have been activated, four Spinners on the lower node of the Astronomical Holographic Projector in the center of the room can be used to activate the upper node of the device. The lowered upper node activates a holographic spatial schematic of the FS-176 system.[1] This also allows Samus to reach the Super Missile upgrade, which rests on the upper node.

Save Station D, which is blocked by a Missile Door Lock, and the West Tower Entrance, accessible through a Purple Door, rest on the same level as the upper node.


Available Logbook Entries

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Scan Data


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