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Crystal Flash
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Samus using the Crystal Flash


Super Metroid


Samus Aran

Item needed

Recharges Energy

The Crystal Flash is an ability used by Samus in Super Metroid. By absorbing the blast of a Power Bomb, Samus can recover her energy.[1]

The technique is performed by holding down both angle buttons, down on the directional pad, and the fire button all at once while in Morph Ball mode. She cannot use it if there is any energy in her Reserve Tanks, and her energy must be below fifty units. It consumes ten each of Power Bombs (11 if you count the one that she has to lay), Super Missiles, & Missiles.

When activated, Samus levitates in a ball of light. Her Power Suit dematerializes, and only her dark silhouette is visible until the technique is complete. When the light dissipates, she is standing in her Power Suit again. This ability also fills her reserve tanks for 230 points as well.

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References[edit source]

  1. "The warrior can transfer the energy of the Power Bombs to herself and heal her body!" Nintendo Power (Vol. 60), Super Metroid comic, Nintendo Pg. 72