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Reserve Tanks are expansions in Super Metroid. They add an extra energy reserve of 100 points per tank. There are only four in Super Metroid, giving Samus a maximum possible reserve of 400 energy points.


Reserve Tanks have two methods of usage: manual and automatic. When set to automatic, they will restore Samus's energy automatically when her suit energy reaches zero. When set to manual, they can be used at will through the inventory screen to restore energy.

Locations of Reserve Tanks

Location Items needed Notes
Brinstar Speed Booster Samus must use her Speed Booster to make it past a series of closing shutters, granting access to a room with the Tank.
Norfair Samus must use her Grappling Beam to swing across a pool of lava, then use her Super Missiles to open a Green Door. Once past the Door, Samus must shoot the ground at the very left of the room, causing a pillar to rise. Samus can use her Morph Ball Bombs to bomb a hole in the wall soon afterwards, granting access to a cavern filled with lava. Samus can carefully traverse the cavern, leading to a Tank.
Wrecked Ship Samus must open a hole in the floor and go down into it. After a bit of traveling, she can lay a Power Bomb, destroying a statue and revealing another stretch of the room. Samus can then use her Speed Booster and Shinespark up into a new room. Samus can now reach the Tank, but should use her X-Ray Scope to spot a hole in the floor in front of the Tank.
Maridia None are required Samus must bomb a hole in a room with an elevator between portions of Maridia, granting access to a room with the Tank. No special items are required to reach the Tank, but the Space Jump and Spring Ball help immensely.




  • In essence, Reserve Tanks are like portable 100 units of energy that can activate automatically.


  1. "Method of use: Bring the cursor to RESERVE TANK on the SAMUS screen, then press the A button to start supplying energy. Reserve Tanks act as Samus' emergency energy source. Reserve Tanks are empty when you collect them." Super Metroid Instruction Booklet, Pg 22