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Goyagma is a monster that attacks Samus in Sector 3 of the Bottle Ship just after Adam authorizes the use of the Varia Suit. It grabs Samus, and she uses a charged beam shot to escape. The beast appears to be able to control lava to some degree and has a high array of attacks ranging from swinging its arms to creating mini-eruptions.


At the start of the battle, Samus must attack the glowing spots on Goyagma's neck with her Ice Beam, and then fire a Missile at them when they freeze, which occurs after about four charged shots. After enough damage has been dealt, Goyagma will set its arms on fire and slam them on the ground, creating mini-eruptions that follow Samus. Samus must dodge these attacks until the creature's hand starts to glow; when it does, Samus must fire a charged Ice Beam at the hand and initiate an Overblast by jumping on the creature's hand. She runs up Goyagma's now frozen arm and unleashes a charged Ice Beam shot into Goyagma's head.

Upon jumping off, Goyagma recedes into the lava and re-emerges, causing glowing fireballs to rain down across the battlefield. It can now also throw large fireballs in Samus's direction. It will then cause the mini-eruptions from the first phase. Just as before, Samus must wait until Goyagma's hand glows to freeze it and initiate an Overblast. Goyagma will then repeat its attacks, and Samus must wait for its hand to glow as before. When she initiates an Overblast this time, Goyagma will try to grab her with its other hand. Samus dodges the attack and is launched up into the air, during which time she charges her beam. Upon landing, she directs the blast into the center of the beast's head and jumps off. Goyagma then brilliantly explodes.