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Adam Malkovich

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Adam Malkovich
Any Objections, Lady?

Adam Malkovich as he appears in Metroid: Other M

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Dave Elvin (English, Metroid: Other M)


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General Adam Malkovich is Samus Aran's former commanding officer from her time with the Galactic Federation. Adam appeared in the Metroid Manga, Metroid: Other M, and postmortem in Metroid Fusion.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Metroid: Other M[edit | edit source]

Adam appears in Metroid: Other M as the commander of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon and Samus Aran's former commanding officer. Through Samus's introspections, it is revealed that he also serves as her father figure. When he and Samus meet aboard the Bottle Ship, he does not disclose the reasons behind the Federation's presence when asked, stating that such information is not for outsiders (it is later revealed that the platoon is to explore the facility and search for survivors of MB's rampage). However, after the defeat of the Brug Mass, he realizes that Samus's aid could prove beneficial, though he informs Samus that she is now under his command. She agrees, and the platoon is briefed in the Bottle Ship's Control Room, located in the Main Sector. While Adam can only contact the members of his platoon via the Navigation Booths scattered around the complex, he is able to maintain visual and aural contact with Samus from the room, giving her orders and authorizing the use of her weapons as needed. This contact is inexplicably broken during Samus's fight with Ridley, though Adam may have been attacked by the Deleter.

Adam is not seen again until Samus finds an infant Metroid in Sector Zero, to which she ventures in order to destroy the Metroids and MB. He shoots her in the back with his freeze gun (the only weapon authorized for use by the platoon), disabling her Power Suit and knocking her unconscious. When Samus awakes, Adam informs her that the Metroids in the sector are, unlike the Metroids Samus encountered on her previous missions, unfreezable, and are therefore unable to be dispatched by any weapons at Samus's disposal. He also tells Samus that if enough damage is done to the sector, it will detach from the Bottle Ship and explode. With Samus unable to stop Adam or change his mind, he ventures deeper into the sector, and before the doors close behind him and separate the two permanently, he turns back and asks, "Any objections, lady?", a familiar phrase to which Samus, with tears in her eyes, responds with a familiar thumbs-down.

Metroid Fusion[edit | edit source]

In Metroid Fusion, Adam Malkovich was mentioned by Samus numerous times throughout her journey, explaining their relationship in their jobs as well as society. "Adam," a computer named after him, took a starring role as Samus's computerized commanding officer, which Samus at first assumes to be artificial intelligence.[1][2] Adam was implemented in the new ship that Samus received after crashing her Gunship on an asteroid belt, and gives Samus orders on her mission on the B.S.L station.[3] The computer's true identity as the real Adam was not revealed until the final stages of the game.

The ship containing the computerized Malkovich

In the beginning, Malkovich, nothing more than a monitor screen, gave orders as a typical computer would: bluntly, with no feeling and a sole desire to complete objectives. Despite the fact that Samus did not know that the computer giving her orders was in fact Malkovich himself, Samus felt reminded of her former commanding officer by the computer and named it after him.[1] Adam, as Samus recalls, understood Samus well and often ended orders with the phrase "Any objections, Lady?" to denote their trust in each other.[4]

As the events progressed, Adam began warning Samus to "be careful" and "proceed with caution," revealing that the supposed emotionless computer did in fact have human feelings.[5][6] This is especially apparent in the final scenes where Adam refused to allow Samus to progress for her safety. Samus pleads in frustration for permission to continue and to destroy B.S.L, with herself inside, until Adam finally reveals his true identity and allows Samus to progress. Malkovich continues to exist as Samus's Gunship's computer at the end of Metroid Fusion.[7]

Data[edit | edit source]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit | edit source]

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