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Sector 3 (Pyrosphere)

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Sector 3 (Pyrosphere)

Samus using the Grapple Beam in the Pyrosphere


Metroid: Other M


rock platforms, lava, volcanic activity

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This article is about area from Metroid: Other M. For the Super Smash Bros. stage, see the Pyrosphere article on Smash Wiki.
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The Pyrosphere, also known as Sector 3, is a simulated-environment sector on the Bottle Ship and is the second sector Samus Aran explores. Unlike in the other sectors, its environment does not encroach upon the interior of its mechanical structures. It also does not vary much in appearance. Much of the sector is a sea of lava that can be navigated via a series of rock platforms of various sizes located within it. With this and its active volcano, Sector 3 is unique among the sectors in possessing a harmful environment, an environment which is perhaps the facility's most deadly. The sector also includes a large, industrial complex housed in a desert-like setting, though this is restricted to a building interior.

With the sector's hostile environment comes a plethora of hostile creatures. Its most notable inhabitants are cybernetically enhanced Zebesians and even stronger variants, Asboreans, Dessgeega, and Magdollites. However, these pale in ferocity to the monstrosity known as Vorash, which tries to eat Samus within minutes of her arrival, breaking a bridge and later pursuing her as she hops across rock platforms in search of the Mystery Creature. When Samus returns to the sector following a brief assignment to the Cryosphere, the life of friend and Galactic Federation 07th Platoon member Anthony Higgs is endangered by the Rhedogian.[1] which proves to be incredibly resilient over the course of Samus's mission.

As with the other sectors, the Pyrosphere also experiences its share of notable events. The sector is notable for being the location of the Deleter's second murder, that of K.G. Misawa, whose frozen corpse is incinerated in a pool of lava. Samus encounters the Rhedogian for a third time in the Pyrosphere's industrial complex. Contact is inexplicably broken between Samus and Adam Malkovich shortly before the former confronts Ridley,[2] whom Samus believed was annihilated in the destruction of Zebes at the conclusion of her previous mission but who had, in actuality, metamorphosed from the very creature she had been pursuing[3][4]. This encounter is particular traumatic and injurious, as Samus is rendered immobile out of shock and is grabbed and scraped along the wall of the Geothermal Power Plant, the room in which they meet. Finally, Anthony Higgs seemingly meets his demise after he is knocked off of the platform in the room's center by Ridley's tail. The sector also houses Desbrachians once Power Bombs are obtained, but the creatures are fewer in number here than they are in other sectors.

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