Grapple Voltage

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Grapple Voltage
Samus as she acquires the Grapple Voltage.

Samus as she acquires the Grapple Voltage.

Game(s) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Users Samus Aran
Located in Pirate Homeworld
How to Obtain Defeat Gandrayda
Uses Drains or sends energy towards certain objects and enemies
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The Grapple Voltage is the third Grapple Beam upgrade in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. it is obtained after defeating Gandrayda in the Pirate Homeworld. It acts the same as the Grapple Lasso, except for that it can take in or send out energy to an object or enemies. Objects that need energy or should be powered down require the Grapple Voltage. Some enemies can be defeated this way as well. Taking in energy replenishes some of Samus's internal energy. Sending out energy makes Samus take damage, but can overload enemies. The Hyper Grapple is an expansion of the Grapple Voltage, only using Phazon as the power source.