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A puddle of Phazon

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Various planets in the Prime series


Extremely toxic mutagen

Phazon, referred to as the Great Poison by the Chozo, is an extremely radioactive and dangerous organic substance that can take on many forms. The mutagen is highly poisonous and corrosive, and contact with Phazon will result in immediate death or mutation in seconds.[1] Phazon spreads throughout the galaxy and manipulates organisms with Phazon Corruption. The toxic substance can destroy environments and entire planets. Phazon was first detected on planet Tallon IV, although it has been spreading across the galaxy long before the Corruption of Tallon IV from its planet of origin, Phaaze.[1] The plot of the Metroid Prime series revolves around Phazon and its destructive influence.

Morphology[edit | edit source]

Phazon in Dark Aether

Not much is known regarding the true nature of Phazon as a material substance. It is highly radioactive, corrosive, and biologically toxic. Phazon has even demonstrated low-level sentience, as evidenced by creatures such as Phazon Grubs and Liquid Phazon, which are entirely Phazon-based.

Phazon has been used extensively by the Space Pirates for its effective mutagenic properties, which they have used to mutate their own genetic structure to produce more powerful and monstrous versions of themselves, as well as the genetic structure of other species. These beneficial mutations are limited by a notable decrease in the target bioform's life span, as it deteriorates cellular structure in addition to changing the genetic code. During the course of Samus's visit to Phaaze, the Phazon inside of her even affected her genetic structure to the point where her ship's bio-scanners could not recognize her.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Metroid Prime[edit | edit source]

Some 50 years prior to the events of Metroid Prime, a meteor infected with Phazon struck the planet Tallon IV, causing great devastation and forcing the Chozo colonists who survived to flee.[2] Before abandoning the planet, the Chozo attempted to contain the spread of Phazon on the planet at the impact site by means of a Cradle and Cipher.

At the heart of the impact site was a Metroid specimen whose exposure to raw Phazon radically mutated it. It became the subject known as Metroid Prime. After its defeat by Samus Aran, Metroid Prime ensnares her Phazon Suit and uses it and parts of Samus's own DNA to eventually become the organism known as Dark Samus.

Space Pirate crates leaking Phazon

Around this same time, Space Pirates discovered Phazon and began mining operations of high-yield sites and experimention with its biomutagenic properties. Samus first encounters Space Pirates using Phazon in this way on the Frigate Orpheon, where mutations of native Parasites resulted in Parasite Queens. Initial experiments were made on Tallon Metroids in the Glacier One outpost in Phendrana Drifts, which the Space Pirates planned to use as weapons and power sources. Tests yielded such results as Hunter Metroids and Fission Metroids. Later experiments, such as Project Titan, which focused on the mutation and animation of inanimate objects,[3] resulted in the specimen Thardus before it was completely shut down.[4] Project Helix, which aimed to mutate Space Pirate DNA with Phazon,[5] finally succeeded when the Phazon Strain Vertigo was discovered by Research Team Sclera and several specimens, including Elite Pirates, a Phazon Elite, and the Omega Pirate, survived to maturity.[6]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes[edit | edit source]

Dark Samus absorbing Phazon energy

Phazon was first introduced to the planet Aether at the beginning of the Luminoth Dark Age. A Leviathan impacted the planet, sending it into a state of Transdimensional Flux that ultimately resulted in the creation of Dark Aether and the Ing.[7][8] Space Pirate Science Teams detected the presence of Phazon in the Dasha System seven cycles prior to Samus's arrival and established a base on the planet.[9] Expeditions through a dimensional rift revealed that Dark Aether contained vastly superior deposits of Phazon than its light counterpart and extraction missions were soon conducted regularly.[10][11] Metroid Prime, reborn as Dark Samus and mistaken for Samus Aran by the Space Pirates, soon began raiding their base and stealing Phazon for her own purposes.[12] Dark Samus eventually absorbs so much Phazon energy that she becomes a being of pure yet unstable Phazon.[13]

Following the destruction of Dark Aether and the Ing, a Galactic Federation vessel, the G.F.S. Anhur, returned to Aether to assist the Luminoth in dismantling the Space Pirate mining facility. Several kilograms of Phazon ore recovered during this time later led to the development of the Phazon Enhancement Device.[8]

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption[edit | edit source]

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Dark Samus, reformed in the Phazon storage of the Space Pirate vessel Colossus, took control of the Space Pirate crew and then ventured alone to Phaaze.[14][15] From there, she sent a Leviathan seed to the Pirate Homeworld, which was gradually corrupted.[16] Afterwards, she sent Leviathans hurtling towards the Federation planets Bryyo, Elysia, and Norion.[17]

Data[edit | edit source]

Scan Data[edit | edit source]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Phazon crate)
Located in: Frigate Orpheon - Emergency Evacuation Area

Biohazardous materials.
Phazon Batch 0142.A
Destination >> Deck Beta[18]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Phazon crate)
Located in: Frigate Orpheon - Emergency Evacuation Area

Biohazardous materials.
Phazon Batch 0009.A
Destination >> Deck Beta[19]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Phazon crate)
Located in: Frigate Orpheon - Emergency Evacuation Area

Biohazardous materials
Phazon Batch 0073.A
Destination >> Deck Beta[20]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Space Pirate crate)
Located in: Tallon Overworld - Frigate Crash Site

This crate appears to be the same type of container found on the Space Pirate research frigate. The material seeping out from the ruptured metal is highly toxic. Analysis indicates this may be the 'Phazon' compound the Space Pirates were using in their biological experiments.[21]

Logbook Entries[edit | edit source]

Logbook entry from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: Phazon
Volatile ore with biomutagenic properties. Origin point of Phazon unknown. First detection of element on planet Tallon IV. Used by Space Pirates to produce vast levels of energy. Bioforms exposed to Phazon without proper shielding will eventually undergo radical mutation.[1]
Phazon mp2 Logbook.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese フェイゾン Phazon
Chinese 啡宗 Phazon