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Hyper Grapple

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The Hyper Grapple is the final Hypermode upgrade in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is obtained after defeating Omega Ridley in the Pirate Homeworld's Leviathan. It enables Samus to overload targets connected to the Grapple Lasso with Phazon energy when she is using Hypermode.

Outside of combat, its only purpose is to allow Samus to destroy Phazon bio-masses, which cannot be destroyed by conventional weaponry, that block Samus's progress during her mission. Only three of these biomasses are encountered: one in the Leviathan in which the Hyper Grapple upgrade is found, one which blocks the path to open a wormhole to Phaaze, and one that blocks the entrance to a sector of Phaaze itself.

Although a powerful weapon, the Hyper Grapple is a situational tool in combat. The Hyper Grapple can be used to quickly dispatch enemies vulnerable to overload by the Grapple Lasso, or to rapidly dump excess Phazon when forced into Hypermode by a Space Pirates's Phazon Grenade. Unfortunately, by the time Samus acquires the Hyper Grapple upgrade, she is unlikely to encounter these kinds of enemies.

On Phaaze, however, the Hyper grapple can be strategically used as a life-saving asset. Contrary to the Grapple Voltage's normal modus operandi of "Taking in energy" to heal, Samus can expel Phazon into her enemies, countering the constant accumulation of Phazon that results from exposure to Phaaze's atmosphere.