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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64

A black Nintendo 64

Release date(s)

JP: June 23, 1996
NA: September 29, 1996
EU: March 1, 1997
AU: March 1, 1997

Units sold

32.93 million[1]

Metroid and related game(s)

Super Smash Bros. (1999)

The Nintendo 64, commonly abbreviated as N64, is a home video game console made by Nintendo and released in 1996. It is the successor to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and predecessor to the Nintendo GameCube. The N64 was released in June 1996 in Japan, September 1996 in North America, and March 1997 in Europe and Australia.

While no Metroid games were released for the Nintendo 64, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed during a 2002 roundtable discussion for Metroid Prime that Nintendo had thought of ways to make a Metroid title for the console, but could not come up with any ideas.[2] Additionally, Super Smash Bros. features Metroid content, with Samus appearing as a playable character and Planet Zebes appearing as a stage.

References[edit source]

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  2. "I know that the American people have been eagerly anticipating a new Metroid game. I have been asked about it many times! Even through the entire Nintendo 64 period we were thinking of ways to produce a new Metroid title. We couldn't come up with any concrete ideas or vehicle at that time." Metroid Prime Roundtable QA, IGN (HTML)

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