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Brug Mass

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Brug Mass

The Brug Mass


Metroid: Other M


Freeze Guns



The Brug Mass is an entity formed from the coalescence of a multitude of Brugs. Samus encounters this creature in the Main Sector of the Bottle Ship after Lyle Smithsonian of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon kills a Brug found underneath the blood-spattered corpse of a Galactic Federation scientist. Initial attempts to attack the mass prove fruitless, leading Adam Malkovich to authorize the use of Freeze Guns, ice being the mass' only weakness. It attacks by slamming its tentacles on the floor and sweeping them in a wide arc. It can be damaged only when its limbs are frozen, as this allows said limbs to be destroyed via Missiles. When both limbs are gone, its only attack involves slamming its torso onto the floor. When the mass takes enough damage, it becomes vulnerable to an Overblast. Alternatively, shooting its frozen torso with a Missile ejects the eye-like Emperor Brug from the mass, at which point it is easily dispatched with the Power Beam. The Brugs return from whence they came and are not seen again.

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