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Lyle Smithsonian

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Lyle Smithsonian
Lyle Smithsonian om Artwork.png

Lyle Smithsonian


Metroid: Other M



Voice Actor(s)
  • Mark Carr (English)
  • Kasuhisa Tanaka (Japanese)


Lyle Smithsonian, a member of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon under the command of Adam Malkovich, is a Special Operations Soldier, as indicated by his service record. His battle code number is 101, he served at the Galactic Federation Academy's Training Base #3 and a Special Ops Training Facility, and his identification number is 2537-07:51290. Shortly before Samus Aran meets him on the Bottle Ship, he and the platoon attempt to get past the shielding of a door. Explosives prove ineffective, so he proposes to burn through it, acknowledging that it would take time. Much to the platoon's chagrin (with the exception of Anthony Higgs), Samus immediately solves the problem with a Missile. The platoon goes on ahead of her, and they meet again in the Control Room of the Main Sector, gazing at the corpse of a Galactic Federation scientist. It twitches, and a Brug emerges from beneath it. Lyle kicks the Brug into the air and shoots it with several rounds from his assault rifle, causing it to explode (the fact that he uses so much ammunition to dispatch a relatively harmless insect may indicate that he is an entomophobe). He, the rest of the platoon, and Samus then cooperate to destroy the Brug Mass. Adam commands Lyle to explore Sector 1 (the Biosphere), specifically the Exam Center. Samus and the platoon rendezvous there and are surprised to find Lyle absent. They are caught off-guard by the sudden appearance of an unidentified reptilian monstrosity and venture outside to combat it. Upon its escape, they find Lyle's corpse in a pool of blood and ripped to shreds. His exact cause of death is unknown. However, since a trail of blood leads from Lyle to the husk of Little Birdie, it is assumed that the latter ate portions of Lyle and mutated.

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