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A Desbrachian

A Desbrachian jumping at Samus while in first-person view


Metroid: Other M

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Desbrachians are creatures found in the Bottle Ship in Metroid: Other M.

Description[edit | edit source]

Desbrachians appear as semi-ovular obstacles that, when scanned, say Samus needs to use a Power Bomb. If Samus tries to use any beam or Missile, it will just bounce off. Once a Power Bomb is laid, its massive thermonuclear explosion will be powerful enough to awaken the Desbrachian from its dormant state. It drops to the floor and begins to attack Samus. All Desbrachians are completely dormant until Samus faces MB.

Desbrachians Awaken[edit | edit source]

Upon awakening, all the exits in the room lock, and the Desbrachian begins attacking Samus using a multitude of swiping arm attacks. It can also jump in the air and land on Samus, causing damage. It can grab Samus, initiating a cutscene in which it slams her into the floor, causing heavy damage. It can move around at high speeds, making it hard to hit. If Samus uses a Power Bomb to try and incinerate it, it will simply retreat into its cocoon and wait for the explosion to dissipate. It will sometimes try to ram Samus. Rarely, when it takes enough damage, it will retreat into its impenetrable cocoon and regain health. While in this form, it must be forcibly reawakened by another Power Bomb. Eventually, it will go down, and Samus can run up and perform a Lethal Strike to end its life quickly. Desbrachians can be very challenging foes, as most of their attacks can wipe out an entire Energy Tank even on Normal mode and when Samus is equipped with the Gravity Feature.