Gravity Suit

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Gravity Suit
Samus in her Gravity Suit at the end of Metroid: Zero Mission

Samus's Gravity Suit at the end of Metroid: Zero Mission

Acquiring Method
  • Effectively negates liquid and air friction
  • Reduces damage taken
  • Increases visibility underwater (Metroid Prime)
  • Eliminates damage from magma (Metroid: Zero Mission)
  • Negates the effects of irregular gravitational fields (Metroid: Other M

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The Gravity Suit (Gravity Feature in Metroid: Other M) is a suit upgrade that first appeared in Super Metroid, although chronologically it first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission. It is a recurring upgrade throughout the Metroid series. The purpose of the Gravity Suit is to allow Samus Aran to move freely underwater, and in some cases, in magma or lava. The suit also reduces damage from enemies and the environment.


Metroid: Zero Mission

Gravity Suit in Zero Mission

The Gravity Suit reduces damage taken by only 50%, which alludes to the 50% damage reduction in Metroid upon acquiring the Varia Suit. Damage caused by any magma or lava are negated. It does not protect Samus from an unnamed liquid in Tourian, which appears upon returning. The Gravity Suit is obtained from a Chozo Statue located in Chozodia. It remains inactive until Samus overcomes the Ruins Test in Chozodia.

Metroid Prime

Gravity Suit in Metroid Prime

The Gravity Suit returns in Metroid Prime and is found in the Gravity Chamber in Phendrana Drifts. It retains the same function of moving through water unhindered, which is required to explore the crashed Frigate Orpheon to enter Phazon Mines. The Gravity Suit also increases the ability for underwater exploration by increasing Samus's Visor's ability to see further underwater. The suit reduces damage by a useful 20%. Samus is still vulnerable to magma, however.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

The Gravity Suit does not appear in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, but a similar upgrade that serves the same purpose called the Gravity Boost can be obtained in Torvus Bog. It does not add any defensive properties.

Super Metroid

Gravity Suit in Super Metroid

The Gravity Suit is located just outside of the Wrecked Ship. It can be acquired after the power is returned to the ship by defeating Phantoon. It is required to explore Maridia and Ridley's Hideout. The suit reduces 25% of damage taken by enemies, and 75% combined with the Varia Suit.

Metroid: Other M

The Gravity Feature in Other M

Referred to as the Gravity Feature, which produces a purple aura around Samus when in use. The function is similar to that of the Gravity Suit in Super Metroid, as it is very much the same upgrade, although it is unusual that Samus is affected by lava. Damage is reduced by 75%, and the effects of water and gravitational fields are negated. Samus first activates it when the module containing Sector Zero begins to detach from the Bottle Ship, exposing Samus and the Zebesians impeding her progress to the vacuum of space.

Metroid Fusion

Gravity Suit in Fusion

The Gravity Suit remains the same in Metroid Fusion and is very useful in the magma-filled Sector 3 (PYR). Damage taken is reduced by 70%. It also allows Samus to use the Speed Booster and Space Jump underwater and in magma.


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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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  • The Gravity Suit is replaced by the Hazard Shield in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is interesting to point out that there is actually no water in the game besides rain. A liquid substance called Fuel Gel appears, but the enhancements with the Hazard Shield are not nearly as much as the Gravity Suit.
  • Nightmare is fought twice in Other M, the second time Samus is equipped with the Gravity Feature. Due to Nightmare's ability to refocus gravity, it is unknown why Samus did not activate the Gravity Feature during her first encounter with Nightmare or before their encounter in rooms where gravity was shifted.