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The planet Phaaze

Phaaze as seen from orbit

Game(s) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Current Status Destroyed

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Phaaze is a planet that appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It is a sentient planet composed of Phazon, and the origin of all Phazon substances. The surface of the planet has a high toxic amount of Phazon radiation, which causes a sickness within the victim's bodily structure. All bioforms are embodied in Phazon due to the said illness.

For an unknown length of cycles, Phaaze had been producing Leviathan seeds, massive organisms that could withstand the environment in outer space, and had the ability to generate artificial wormholes to travel swiftly to its destination within the galaxy. These would travel to distant planets and impact their surfaces, causing environmental distress all over the planet. There the grown Leviathan infant would begin to generate Phazon, destroying the planet's natural ecosystem and replacing it with one based on Phazon. If allowed to progress to completion, the final result of this process would be another sentient planet, like Phaaze. Tallon IV, Aether, The Pirate Homeworld, Elysia and Bryyo were planets impacted by leviathans. It is likely that it was a Leviathan impact on the planet Aether that created the twisted mirror image of the planet known as Dark Aether.

Phaaze is first discovered by the Chozo living on Elysia. They are unable to study it in depth before leaving that planet, and task the Elysian with further research into Phaaze.

Dark Samus Assumes Control

Dark Samus reemerges from the Phazon tanks.

After her defeat on Aether, Dark Samus is reduced to raw Phazon. In this state, she is collected by the Space Pirates in their attempts to recover as much Phazon as possible from the planet. Because the pirates store her with a large quantity of Phazon, Dark Samus is able to recreate her physical body en route to the Pirate Homeworld. Upon arrival, she is able to corrupt a number of Space Pirates, escaping with them to Phaaze to generate and feed on more Phazon.

Dark Samus then stages an infiltration ensued by an attack on the G.F.S. Valhalla, a Galactic Federation Olympus-Class Battleship that is being used for training purposes. Because a majority of the crew on board are ill-prepared to repulse this attack, the Space Pirates successfully take over the ship with merciless barrages. They extract its central computer, Aurora Unit 313. Returning to Phaaze, they are able to implant the Aurora Unit into the planet, gaining control over its biological functions.

Using this new control over Phaaze, Dark Samus and the Space Pirates are able to direct the Leviathans to planets of their destinations. Their first target is the Pirate Homeworld. Due to the effects of the Phazon spreading over the planet, the Space Pirates not already under the control of Dark Samus are quickly subdued, and become her minions.

Dark Samus's forces are also able to create a computer virus, transmissible via the Federation's Aurora Unit Network. This virus disables infected Aurora Units, causing them to begin generating Phazon at a rapid rate. As a precaution against this virus, the Federation takes the network offline. Subsequently, a patch is developed, dubbed as the Phazon vaccine, used to purge the virus.

Attack on the Federation

With the Space Pirates under her control, and the Federation crippled due to the status of the Aurora Network, Dark Samus dispatches Leviathans to the Federation planets Bryyo, Elysia, and Norion, all located in the Federation Solar System. Bryyo, being a source of Fuel Gel, is indispensable due to the reliance of the Galactic Federation's fleet on Fuel Gel. Elysia houses the SkyTown research station, which acts as an important source of strategic information for Federation tacticians. Norion houses an important military base and within it lies an air-dock used by Federation troopers on shore leave. It is attacked by Space Pirates.

At the time of the attack, the Bounty Hunters Samus Aran, Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda are on board the G.F.S. Olympus, being briefed by Admiral Dane about the state of the Aurora Network. Their briefing is interrupted when Space Pirates attack the Olympus and Norion, the planet the ship is orbiting. All four hunters scatter to defend the battleship and the planet. While they are fighting, the approach of the Leviathan is noted by Aurora Unit 242, stating that all of the efforts to stop the meteor have failed. The Aurora Unit dispatches the hunters to activate the Energy Cannon to obliterate the Leviathan.

The Energy Cannon used to defend Norion is determined to be capable of destroying the Leviathan. However, the three generators that provide power to this device have been deactivated by Space Pirate forces. The four bounty hunters are able to reactivate these generators, and travel to the cannon's control room.

At the control room, the hunters are confronted by Dark Samus, who, using an unknown weapon, renders all four hunters unconcious. Determining that her work is done, Dark Samus leaves to escape the impact. However, Samus manages to activate the energy cannon before falling unconscious.

Not long after, Samus recovers from her unconscious state in the hands of the Galactic Federation and learns that their forces had already sent Rundas, Ghor, and Gandrayda to fight off the Phazon infecting the galaxy. Rundas is sent to Bryyo, Ghor at Elysia, and Gandrayda at the Pirate Homeworld. Samus takes part in the mission by departing to the planets to examine their progress and help purge the Phazon Corruption in the galaxy.

After destroying the seeds that are corrupting Bryyo, Elysia, and the Pirate Homeworld, Samus is informed that the Phazon's origin had been discovered. Phaaze was located by Aurora Unit 217, who had triangulated its location based on the trajectories of the Leviathan attacks. Because it is extremely remote, it is not possible to reach Phaaze using conventional space travel. Therefore, Samus is forced to take control of the Space Pirates' Leviathan Battleship, using its ability to generate wormholes to reach Phaaze at a high velocity.

Upon her arrival at Phaaze, the atmospheric Phazon begins to overwhelm Samus. To prevent her own death, Samus vents all the Phazon in her suit. While this protects Samus from the environment, it causes her to enter Hypermode permanently. Additionally, as the Phazon in the atmosphere slowly fills her energy tanks, Samus becomes more corrupted and unstable. She is unable to reverse this corruption by firing her weapons as she previously could when using Hypermode. She now collects units of Anti-Phazon to reduce her corruption level, as opposed to earlier Phazon units. She can also use the Hyper Grapple to vent excess Phazon into a creature called the Phaz-Ing, terminating them. Samus can also use the alternative by ridding the Phazon within the Phaz-Ing, defeating it entirely.

In the core of Phaaze, "Sanctum", where Phazon is at its prime, Samus fights Dark Samus and Aurora Unit 313. After Dark Samus is repulsed and Aurora Unit 313 is terminated, the planet becomes unstable and Samus narrowly escapes the collapsing planet. The events that ensue are the completion of the mission and the extinction of all Phazon Corruption. Phaaze is wiped off the galaxy.

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