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Metroid Wiki:News Archive/2010

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  • 21st December 2010: Although I'm sure you've noticed, Metroid Wiki is back online. After that short break, we're back to bring you comprehensive Metroid information written by and for the fans!
10th December 2010: A long-held secret wiki, the NIWA collaborative project, N Wiki is revealed! Head on over to write any Nintendo or NIWA related information.
3rd December 2010: Golden Sun Universe, a wiki based on the Golden Sun series, is now a member of NIWA! Check them out, and be sure to read on the new game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
28th November 2010: Two more wikis have joined NIWA this month, Donkey Kong Wiki and Animal Crossing Wiki. Any fans of those franchises should check them out.
  • 15th November 2010: Metroid Wiki now has 600 articles with the creation of Caretaker Class Drone. We still have numerous wanted pages and many stubs that need expansion. Our editing competition is also still on.
  • 9th November 2010: Metroid Wiki has modified the requirements for a user to become autoconfirmed. Instead of needing 200 edits and the account 30 days old, users become autoconfirmed once they have made 20 edits and have an account 7 days old. We have also made several changes to our featured article and picture system. It now requires two staff votes and three votes from regular users in order to be approved, and the initial nomination will also count as one of the votes. Visit the featured article page to vote to make Metroid Prime 3: Corruption our first featured article and visit the featured picture page to vote to make File:Rundas.png our first featured image.
5th November 2010: Metroid Wiki welcomes WikiBound, which is dedicated to the Mother series, to NIWA. Any users that are fans of the series should try to contribute to them.
31st October 2010: Metroid Wiki welcomes a new NIWA member, SmashWiki. The newly independent Wiki readily provides any Smash Bros. info.
  • 23rd October 2010: Metroid Wiki is always open to new edits, in particular wanted pages and wanted images, please contribute! If not for the Metroid Wiki community's benefit, then for your own.
  • 16th October 2010: Metroid Wiki is now allowing anonymous editing. You will now be able to edit most pages without having an account, though in order to upload files you will still need one.
15th October 2010: NIWA welcomes a mid-October addition: Strategy Wiki! Strategy Wiki holds a broad range of games, focusing on strategic detail and walkthroughs for many videogames out there.
  • 12th October 2010: Metroid Wiki's game infoboxes have received a very unique new style! Check them out!
8th October 2010: This month's second addition to NIWA has been added! Check out Pikipedia for your Pikmin information. Or, check out Pikipedia's sister wiki Pikmin Fanon to create your own Pikmin tales!
1st October 2010: Lylat Wiki has been included to the NIWA network, be sure to check them out and edit if you are a fan of the Star Fox series.
  • 24th September 2010: September 23th was Nintendo's 121st anniversary. It started as a small playing card company in 1889 and has now grown to a video game giant.
  • 19th September 2010: We now have a featured video section on the main page, so check it out.
  • 17th September 2010: Metroid Wiki's editing competition is still on; see the competition page for more details.
  • 8th September 2010: Metroid Wiki has just reached 500 articles. Thanks to all of our great editors, contributors and staff for their tremendous efforts.
  • 3rd September 2010: Metroid Wiki has a competition for new editors. Look at the box to the right for details.
  • 2nd September 2010: Other M is now available in all regions.
  • 31st August 2010: Other M has finally met it's first release, enjoy! Also, this opens many slots for new articles, so edit away.
  • 27th August 2010: Metroid: Other M is now mere days away, pre-release information is now at its peak on the official websites. Be sure to check one out
  • 17th August 2010: The official Metroid: Other M English website has been updated, now including a clip named "Metroid and Me," check it out.
  • 15th August 2010: Today marks the 24th anniversary of the original Metroid's North American release. This game set precedent for the entire Metroid series.
  • 7th August 2010: The official Japanese Other M website has been updated again, including a "Controls" section with new screenshots, Check it out. The official English website, however, has not been updated since June 22nd.
  • 6th August 2010: Remember to check out our NIWA partners: Bulbapedia, Mario Wiki, Wars Wiki, WiKirby, and Zelda Each specializes in a different Nintendo franchise.
  • 31st July 2010: The official Japanese website for Other M has been updated, including an interview and a new trailer. Visit it here, along with the first and second subtitled parts of the interview with developers.
  • 24th July 2010: Not long until Other M's release now. The release dates are August 31st for the US, September 2nd for Japan and September 3rd for Europe.
  • 23rd July 2010: Our donation drive has been a success, and our target reached. Thanks to everyone who donated.
  • 16th July 2010: Metroid Wiki is in need of donations to help with a server upgrade for our network. Visit this link for more information or to donate.
  • 4th July 2010: We just passed the 400 article page mark. Thanks to all of our editors who have contributed thus far, but remember, there's still heaps to be done including pages to be created and stubs to be expanded upon.
  • 25th June 2010: Metroid Wiki is now on Facebook, so 'like' away for all the latest Metroid and Metroid Wiki news.
  • 18th June 2010: The official Japanese Other M website has been updated. Check it out.
  • 17th June 2010: The Metroid: Other M trailer shown at Nintendo's 2010 E3 conference can be watched here.
  • 16th June 2010: Staff applications are now closed. Thank you to those who applied.
  • 11th June 2010: Do you enjoy contributing to Metroid Wiki? Would you be interested in helping out as part of the staff? Metroid Wiki is now taking staff applications, so if you're interested contact Melchizedek on his talk page.
  • 10th June 2010: A bit of a delayed announcement, but Metroid Wiki recently joined NIWA - The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.
  • 9th April 2010: Metroid Wiki welcomes our latest affiliate: Metroid Headquarters.
  • 12th March 2010: Are you interested in discussing Metroid? If so, head on over to the Metroid Board at the Zelda Informer Forums, the place where Metroid Wiki was born.
  • 5th March 2010: Metroid Wiki has a new affiliate: the recently launched Kirby Wiki - WiKirby. Also new in affiliates is NIWA - The Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance.
  • 24th February 2010: The North American release date for Metroid: Other M has been confirmed for June 27, 2010. (Now postponed to August.)
  • 14th February 2010: The Metroid Wiki staff have decided to disable anonymous editing as a security measure against vandalism. To edit you are now required to create an account.
  • 9th February 2010: Metroid Wiki has officially launched. We welcome all of you browsers and users, and we value your contributions.
  • 5th February 2010: The Metroid Wiki skin is now live. If you notice any bugs please report them in the Discussion Center.
  • 30th January 2010: The official Japanese website for the upcoming Metroid title, Other M, has launched. The link is here.
  • 27th January 2010: Metroid Wiki is online.