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Metroid Wiki:Featured Article Nomination

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Here, users can nominate and vote for Metroid Wiki's next featured article. Any article worthy of being featured exemplifies the Wiki's quality standards, and goes above and beyond what is expected in a normal encyclopedia entry. Featured articles should:

  1. Have exceptionally fluid American English grammar and spelling.
  2. Be lengthy, yet detailed.
  3. Be well organized (as in subdivisions).
  4. Cite sources, and cite them properly.
  5. Be properly categorized.
  6. Contain the most up-to-date information possible.
  7. Have no template requesting improvement, merging, deletion, or any template that may in some way state the article is not of excellent quality. In this respect, there should be no duplicate of the nominated article, nor should the article be a duplicate of another page.
  8. NOT be copied from any other website or wiki under any circumstances!


  1. An article needs the approval of five users with at least one staff vote, OR two admins votes in its favor, to be marked as featured.
  2. The user who makes the nomination is included as one of the five necessary votes.
  3. Both users and staff may make a maximum of one approval, nomination or disapproval per calendar week.
  4. You may not vote for any article which you have nominated, or for which you have already voted previously.
  5. Votes (in support or opposition) should be added in order beneath the respective relevant header (either {{support}} or {{oppose}}), with # at the beginning of the line.
  6. All approvals MUST be signed using ~~~~. If you do not sign your opinion or second, your comments WILL NOT be counted!
  7. Be sure to include a brief message stating why you agree that an article should be featured.

If an article should receive two valid user votes in opposition, it will not be featured, once verified by a staff member.

Proper Opposition Guidelines:

  1. You may make a single vote opposing any nominated picture (with no monthly restrictions). These should be reasoned oppositions based upon the qualifying criteria detailed.
  2. Your personal like or dislike of the subject being described is NOT grounds for opposition.
  3. Oppositions to articles should only be used where the article fails to meet one or more of the criteria described above.

If a staff member deems that a particular opposition does not follow these guidelines, it will be negated.

Neutral Comments:

  1. Comments that are not formal opposition or support must be placed in the neutral section.
  2. Here can also be placed comments on how to improve the article so that it is more befitting of being featured.

Important Notice: Qualifications to Vote
The goal of the Featured Content selection process is ensure that only the best quality articles and pictures are showcased. To help ensure that this remains the case, the voting process is only open to autoconfirmed users. Any user who has been registered for longer than 7 days will automatically be promoted to autoconfirmed status after having made 20 edits. The introduction of this measure also safeguards against abuse of the voting process, by users creating multiple accounts in order to vote more than once.

Current nominations




  1. Written in-universe, nicely fleshed-out, decent number of images, and -- my favorite -- a generous amount of references! Front-page quality. Embyr 75  --Talk-- 05:55, 16 January 2012 (UTC)
  2. This article has everything we need for featured status and provides full and comprehensive coverage of its subject. It also has plenty of references used properly. All things considered, this is an excellent candidate for featured status. Bop1996 (Talk | Unfinished projects) 13:27, 16 January 2012 (UTC)

Neutral Comments

Phazon Corruption


  1. Thought I'd throw this in, we're in need of a new feature. I've been working on it, and it has a ton of information on the topic at hand. A combination of what makes a good article. Could use some more refs though. I'll get to that shortly. ZeldaMan (PostboxStatus) 10:02, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

  1. I'm gonna have to say no on this one. Certain sections (specifically the "Known Victims" and "Symptoms" sections) are written in a displeasing list format that looks rather unpolished. The other sections aren't properly fleshed out (usually only a paragraph apiece) and overall the article seems unorganized to me. Featured status should be reserved for the best of the best, and this isn't near the top of the list imho. Embyr 75  --Talk-- 21:23, 18 February 2012 (UTC)
Neutral Comments