Caretaker Class Drone

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Caretaker Class Drone
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Samus battles the Caretaker Class Drone.


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes






Sanctuary Fortress

Threat Capacity



Electrical attacks


Boost Ball

Vulnerable areas

Detection units

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The Caretaker Class Drone is a large Luminoth constructed mechanoid found Sanctuary Fortress. It is found in the Main Research, housed in an experimental tube that it protects and maintains. Samus Aran battles the Caretaker after entering its chamber through a Portal.

It extends electrical arms that rotate around the chamber in an attempt to knock Samus off of the Spider Ball Tracks onto the electrified floor. It will emit sensor units that can be boosted into to damage the unit. Once Samus damages its central sensor enough, the unit will be destroyed.




  1. "Mechanism: "Caretaker" Class Drone. Rogue maintenance drone. Drone designed to protect a magnetic rail chamber. Chamber's rails are a Boost Jump apart: perhaps the Luminoth were experimenting with Boost technology.

    The Caretaker drone was designed to protect and maintain an experimental energy chamber. It uses electrically charged limbs to perform its duties. The drone requires sensor updates to fight: a vulnerable detection unit will extend periodically to search for targets. Destroying this unit would weaken its combat ability.
    " — Logbook "Caretaker Class Drone" (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケアテイカー  Caretaker  

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