Missile Station

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Missile Station
Missile Station Mines mp1 Screenshot 01.png

A Missile Station in the Phazon Mines

Game(s) *Super Metroid
Uses Replenish Missile Ammunition

Missile Stations are interactive stations that Samus Aran can interact with to replenish her missiles. The stations are only found in the games Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. Other games in the series contained either Recharge Stations or Ammo Stations that served the same purpose as Missile Stations. In Metroid: Other M, Navigations Booths had the same purpose as Missile Stations.

Missile Stations can be found in the following locations in Metroid Prime:




  1. "Missile Station
    Step into these stations to fully reload your Missile Launcher.
    " — Logbook "Missile Station" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミサイルステーション  Missile Station  
Spanish Estación de Misiles  Missiles Station