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Hall of the Elders

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Hall of the Elders
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The Hall of the Elders


Metroid Prime


Chozo Ruins

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The Hall of the Elders is a room in the Chozo Ruins. The room is first accessed from the Elder Hall Access.

Samus first enters the room on a small ledge. This ledge has a Morph Ball tunnel that leads to a Missile Station. The main part of the room is open with a large Chozo Statue at the head of the room, along with a Chozo Lore entry behind it. There is also two White Doors to the East Furnace Access and the Crossway Access South.

Chozo Ghosts are often found in this room. Once the Ghosts have been defeated, the hands of the statue will begin to glow. If Samus enters its hands while in Morph Ball mode, it will launch her to a Spider Ball Track and Bomb Slot on the wall. This slot will activate 3 special Bomb Slots on the wall that can only be activated by using a particular Beam. Each slot will change the track onto which the Chozo Statue throws the Morph Ball. The Wave Beam Slot will send Samus to a small back area with a Scan Terminal to make that area available for easy access. This area has a door to the Reflecting Pool Access. The Ice Beam Slot will send Samus to a small room with an Energy Tank. The Plasma Beam Slot will move the entire statue away to reveal a White Door that leads to the Elder Chamber. The movement of the statue will disable all of the Slots until the room is reloaded.

Data[edit | edit source]

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Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Chozo Ghost 1  First visit  
Chozo Ghost 3  Later visits  
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