Ruins Test

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Ruins Test
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The Ruins Test


Metroid: Zero Mission


Lightning Bolts




Legendary Power Suit

The Ruins Test is something that Samus must face in order to regain her Power Suit after her gunship is shot down and her Power Suit disabled. The only weapon she can use against it is her emergency pistol. It holds a mirror image of Samus in its arms that will damage her if it is shot. Occasionally, the mirror will glow, giving Samus an opportunity to damage it. After it is first damaged, it will separate from the wall, where it is then capable of firing lightning bolts. Every time the glowing mirror is hit, the symbol appearing inside it will go to one of four slots on the wall. After four symbols appear, it will return to the wall, and an image of Samus in her Power Suit will appear. When she collects it, she will be able to use the Plasma Beam, Space Jump, and Gravity Suit.