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Legendary Power Suit

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Legendary Power Suit

Metroid: Zero Mission


Samus Aran

Located in


How to Obtain

Complete the Ruins Test


Allows Samus to utilize the Unknown Items

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The Legendary Power Suit is a more advanced version of Samus's original Power Suit used throughout most of Zero Mission.

The Legendary Power Suit functions identically to the old Power Suit, but can integrate more advanced Chozo technology, namely the Gravity Suit, the Space Jump, and the Plasma Beam; the previous Suit can only identify these items as unknown. It also sports a different look, based on the later Varia Suit designs (pauldrons and etc), and meant to explain why those designs of the Varia Suit look different.

During the events of Zero Mission, Samus's ship is shot down by the Space Pirates and she loses her previous Power Suit. In an attempt to escape the planet through Pirate means, Samus makes her way into the ruins of Chozodia and infiltrates the Space Pirate Mother Ship. She eventually finds her way to the Ruins Test; completing it, she obtains the Legendary Power Suit and all previously collected upgrades.

Samus keeps the Legendary Power Suit after destroying the Space Pirate Mother Ship, though she essentially loses it in the prologue of Metroid Fusion, to be replaced with the Fusion Suit.

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