K.G. Misawa

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K.G. Misawa
Artwork of K.G. Misawa

Artwork of K.G. Misawa


Metroid: Other M



Voice Actor(s)

Jeff Minnerly



K.G. Misawa is a member of the 07th Platoon. He wears glasses underneath his visor and is the only other member of the platoon to have only a right hip holster besides Adam Malkovich. He speaks twice throughout the events of Metroid: Other M, both lines being "Got it." During the initial briefing in the Main Sector of the Bottle Ship, Adam orders him to explore the Residential Quarters in search of survivors. He is killed by the Deleter with his Freeze Gun and then incinerated in a pool of lava. Because his body is therefore never found, he is listed as MIA per military protocol.