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James Pierce

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James Pierce
James Pierce

James Pierce


Metroid: Other M



Voice Actor(s)

Aaron Thomas



Galactic Federation Service Record

James Pierce is the communications expert of Adam Malkovich's 07th Platoon. James Pierce is also very likely the mysterious Deleter among the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon.

When Adam begins ordering everyone to recon, he assigns James to investigate the Control Bridge. Instead, James travels to Sector 1 without permission and without Lyle's knowledge.

Adam soon orders everyone to regroup at the Exam Center hidden away in the Biosphere. Samus runs through the vacant grounds and through the building, finally stumbling on James, crouched over and working underneath a control console. After nervously greeting her, the rest of the 07th Platoon, sans Lyle, arrive on the spot.

James asks, "Where's Lyle?" and several believe he's just running late. Maurice takes immediate interest in the computer, but finds that the stored data had been fragmented. As he recompiles bytes of data, he mentions that James will need to hack it if he can't bypass the security protocols. James assures Maurice that he will, but it will "take some time." Unfortunately, after the trouble caused by the Mystery Creature and the discovery of Lyle's body, the 07th Platoon becomes pre-occupied with other matters, and the Exam Center conveniently explodes.

The 07th Platoon's status becomes shrouded after all this until Maurice's body is discovered. Not only is his visor open, but his body had been flash frozen. Someone Maurice knew with a Freeze Gun had killed him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although his visor is smashed in, his face seems perfectly fine.
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