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Anthony Higgs

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Anthony Higgs
Artwork of Higgs from Other M

Artwork of Higgs from Other M


Metroid: Other M



Voice Actor(s)
  • Mike McGillicuty
  • Kenji Nomura


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Anthony Higgs is a character appearing in Metroid: Other M. Higgs is the point man of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon, taking the second leading role of the Galactic Federation troopers, only topped in importance by Adam Malkovich. He is trusted by Samus Aran. Anthony repeatedly refers to Samus as "Princess."

History[edit | edit source]

Galactic Federation Service Record

Anthony Higgs is a Galactic Federation trooper that used to be in the same squad as Samus Aran while she was enrolled in the Galactic Federation. During the mission at the Bottle Ship, he is in charge of using and authorizing the use of Plasma weapons.

While in Sector 3, during orders to reactivate the Geothermal Power Station, Anthony is attacked by a Rhedogian. When Samus discovers that he is in trouble upon entrance into the room she is authorized the use of the Grapple Beam and subsequently repels the Tusk Monster. Later, at the Geothermal Power Station, Anthony unwittingly encounters Ridley. After Samus discovers that it is Ridley and becomes paralyzed in fear, Anthony sacrifices himself to protect Samus and falls into the lava below; however, he manages to save himself by freezing a Lava Golem and climbing to safety.

When MB activates the Bottle Ship's engines to initiate her attack on the Galactic Federation, Anthony goes to into the engine room and deactivates the engines at the border of the Galactic Federation territory knowing that the people in charge of the Bottle Ship's activities will send troops to secure the Metroids on board. Later, when the commander that arrives on the scene is about to tie up all his loose ends, Anthony appears to foil his plans and to secure Samus's and Madeline Bergman's safety.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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