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Sector 4's serpentine creature, Serris


Metroid Fusion



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Sector 4 (AQA)


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Serris[1] is a large serpentine creature kept in Sector 4 (AQA). It is capable of moving at a high rate of speed. Serris later became a host to the X,[2] after Samus deactivated the Level 1 doors allowing them to spread across AQA. Adam gives Samus permission to terminate Serris, out of fear that it might invade other sectors.

As Samus approaches the breeding room she was directed to, she finds only a corpse of the creature. Shortly afterward, Samus battles the Core-X mimicked form of Serris.

Samus can defeat Serris by damaging its head with Missiles or the Charge Beam. After it takes damage, Serris begins moving at an extreme rate of speed, preventing Samus from damaging it. Once Samus defeats it, she may absorb its Core-X and gain the Speed Booster.

Throughout the battle, Serris uses the Speed Boosting abilities to traverse the room at incredibly high speeds. Though Samus has used this ability before, it is an ability intrinsic to Serris,[1] much like the Dachora.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

Game Serris
Metroid Fusion Serris

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Video[edit | edit source]

The Serris boss battle in Metroid Fusion

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Serpentine bosses are a common theme in the Metroid series, with most games featuring one.
  • Aesthetically, due to their multiple eyes, sharp teeth and 'fins', Serris very closely resembles a Magmoor.
  • In the later Japanese version, this creature was renamed "Ishtar" (イシュタル), a name also used as part of the name of its battle theme on the Japanese Metroid Prime & Fusion Original Soundtracks.

References[edit source]

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