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Speed Booster
Speed Booster sm Artwork.png

Artwork of the Speed Booster upgrade from Super Metroid

Game(s) *Metroid: Zero Mission
Users *Samus
Located in *Kraid's Lair (Zero Mission)
Authorized in Sector 2 (Cryosphere)
How to Obtain *Defeat Kraid (Metroid: Zero Mission)
  • Defeat Serris (Metroid Fusion)
Uses Allows Samus to sprint

The Speed Booster is an upgrade that allows Samus to run at "supersonic speeds."[1][2] Once speed boosting is attained, Samus can destroy special blocks, break through rock, ice, and metal, destroy enemies, cover distances quickly, run up steep inclines, leap over wide gaps, and set up a shinespark. The Speed Booster is an essential upgrade to progress through the game in which it appears.


Metroid: Zero Mission

Upon defeating Kraid in his hideout, Samus can acquire the Speed Booster resting in the hands of a Chozo Statue. It can be used to destroy boost blocks throughout Zebes.

Super Metroid

The Speed Booster can be obtained in Norfair. Unlike later appearances, Samus will take damage when she Shinesparks. The reason for this is unknown. Samus cannot Speed Boost through frozen enemies unlike later games.

Metroid: Other M

Adam Malkovich authorizes use of the Speed Booster in Sector 2 (Cryosphere). It allows Samus to break through a surface to shortcut her way toward Cryosphere's exit. Unlike other appearances, Samus can turn angles while speed boosting. This is seen especially in a spiral structure in the Biosphere, as well as the Pyrosphere, just before battling a Rhedogian. There are rare large open spaces, but when they appear, it is likely that the Speed Booster is required to advance or to obtain an expansion.

Metroid Fusion

Aboard the Biologic Space Labs research station is Serris, an aquatic creature mimicked by the X. This creature, according to Adam, moves at "ultra-high speed" through the water and air attacking Samus. When its head is damaged by a missile or charged shot, the creature will glow and speed up. Defeating it will reveal it's Core-X, which can be absorbed to regain the Speed Booster ability.


Screen Data

Metroid Fusion

Speed Booster was regained. Run until speed boost begins.[3]


Game Speed Booster
Metroid: Zero Mission Speed Booster


  • Because Samus weighs 90 kg.[4] and the Speed Booster allows her to travel at supersonic speeds (above 343 m/s; 1,126.4 ft./s), she is able to produce 37,044 newtons of force per run (equal to 4 tons), or 7,623,655.2 joules (7.624 × 10⁶ J).
  • Interestingly, in Super Metroid, Samus cannot Speed Boost through frozen enemies.
  • Although Metroid: Other M may seem to be the first game to show Samus turning while speed boosting, Metroid Fusion is actually the first, as moving from one sector to another would require turning. The side-scrolling appearance does not demonstrate this visually, however.



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