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A Kago nest

A Kago nest

Damages by
  • Individual bug attack (Super Metroid)
  • Extend nest (Fusion)
Immune to
Threat Capacity

Damaging, Non-hostile

Natural Habitats

Kago are small insects that live in large nests and are native to the planet Zebes. They appear in Brinstar and Norfair. They are mostly peaceful, but individuals will attack if the nest is attacked.


Kago appear in Super Metroid. Here, the Kago will only attack Samus if she threatens their nest by attempting to destroy it and will ignore her if she does not. These creatures are small insects that resemble the bugs in Metroid: Zero Mission

In Metroid Fusion, the X mimic Kago nests. In Fusion, they are able to absorb an extra X to grow into a column of mass that can damage Samus. In this form, it can be frozen, or can be killed with the Speed Booster or a Power Bomb. Kago nests are scattered throughout Sectors 2, 4, and 5, able to be frozen and used as large platforms or sometimes blocking Samus's path.


Game Kago Nest
Metroid Fusion Kago Nest




Samus using a Kago to use the Speed Booster