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Phazon Corruption

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Phazon Corruption

A Space Pirate that has been artificially corrupted


Prime series




Prolonged Phazon exposure


Psychosis, cellular mutation

Phazon Corruption, also called Phazon Fever,[1] Phazon Madness,[2] and Phazon Sickness,[3] is a degenerative condition that occurs when living matter is exposed to excessive amounts of Phazon radiation. Though Phazon Corruption is usually fatal, especially resilient species can survive total mutation. Infections of sentient beings, vegetation, and even entire planets have been documented. Early symptoms documented by Space Pirates include loss of equilibrium, erratic respitation, muscle spasms, and hallucinations.[4] Corruption is characterized by a marked increase in aggression, cellular mutation, and in many cases involved inanimate matter such as stone, plants, or a planet, sentience.

When Phazon is introduced to an environment, it destroys ecosystems, exterminating unsuitable species and mutating compatible ones. The result of a complete corruption of a planet over several years is a Phazon-producing, sentient world, like Phaaze.[5] Some species across the galaxy, however, such as the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates, have learned to control the substance and even artificially infuse infantry with Phazon for warfare tactics.

Corrupted Worlds[edit | edit source]

By means of Phazon-laden meteors that originate from Phaaze, many worlds were exposed to infection by Phazon, including Tallon IV, Aether, Bryyo, Elysia, and the Pirate Homeworld. Though Samus Aran was able to ultimately destroy the Phazon sources on those planets, she did encounter a variety of mutated creatures in those contaminated ecosystems, including corrupted Chozo, Elysians, and Metroids.

Hypermode Corruption[edit | edit source]

Hypermode is a state of being in which an organism can amplify itself and its weaponry with Phazon intentionally with a Phazon Enhancement Device (PED). This form can be manually activated and deactivated at will by the user. However, if one remains in Hypermode for an extended period of time without venting Phazon levels, the user will become Corrupted and will have a limited amount of time to deplete all Phazon via rapid weapon discharge or excretory means. If the Phazon is not fully rid from the victim's bodily system, the organism will become permanently Corrupted, and therefore become extremely aggressive along with the other symptoms of Phazon Corruption. If one's Hypermode system is unable to be shut down but has not become permanently corrupted, then an auto-vent will ensue at twenty-five seconds of use. The auto-vent does not inflict any harm on one with the PED suit except the venting of energy tanks, which is normal in the use of the Hypermode function.

Symptoms[edit | edit source]

The known symptoms of excessive exposure to Phazon to Samus, the other Hunters, and general bioforms are as follows:

  • Stage 1: 10% Phazon Corruption (no negative effect)
    • Self-generation of Phazon from bodily systems
  • Stage 2: 25% Phazon Corruption
    • Loss of awareness
    • Uncontrollable Hypermode use (common while in Leviathan Seeds)
    • Minor distortion of facial features
  • Stage 3: 50% Phazon Corruption
    • Increased aggressiveness
    • Extreme nausea and vomiting
    • Phazon Addiction
    • Moderate distortion of facial features
      • Changes in eye color
      • Vine-like Phazon growths begin to grow on victim's face
  • Stage 4: 75% Phazon Corruption
    • Extreme uncooperation
      • Lack of reliance on usual trusted allies
      • Increased likelihood of friendly fire
    • Increased hunger for Phazon
    • Excessive use of Hypermode
    • Closer resemblance to Dark Samus
      • Intense distortion of the pupil
      • Increased Phazon growths on face
      • Change of facial expression
  • Stage 5: Above 75% Phazon Corruption (Corruption on Phaaze)
    • Permanent Hypermode activity
    • Difficulty venting energy tanks
    • Imminent death
    • Loss of recognition by scanning reticules (such as Samus's ship)
    • Terminal Corruption, thus turning the victim into a Dark Echo

Result[edit | edit source]

The result of a fully-Corrupted Metroid.

The main symptoms of Phazon Corruption are insanity and a lust for power. On some occasions, notably with Samus Aran, becoming Corrupted will transform the victim into another organism altogether, Samus becoming a twin image of Dark Samus. If one is to be in control of Corruption and have an ample supply of Phazon with him or her, he or she can use Phazon Corruption to manipulate other organisms and put them under their own control.[6] This form of warfare is extremely devastating, and can wipe out entire armies and put them under one's control, as shown with Dark Samus's takeover of the Space Pirates.[6] This attack is similar to the same organization's idea of using Metroids as weapons, needing a small amount to defeat large forces.[7] The species is also vulnerable to Corruption, and poses as one of the most rare and deadly species of Corrupted organisms. A Corrupted Metroid is known to not only show increased aggressiveness, but the creature also develops an uncontrollable need for consumption of Phazon. The Metroid will overload excessive amounts of the substance, which is extremely hazardous to its health, and can ultimately self-terminate doing so. In rare cases, the Metroid will survive the epidemic and transform into what is known as a Metroid Prime. Corruption is known to spread across galaxies from its originating planet, Phaaze, discovered by Aurora Unit 217 Strangely, Metroids that thrive in the Phazon-filled depths of the planet retain their original forms.

Cures[edit | edit source]

The only known cure for Phazon Corruption was invented by Galactic Federation scientists when a Corrupting virus similar to a Phazon sickness spread to the organization's Aurora Units in several regions of the galaxy. The cure was in the form of a digital vaccine, similar to that of an anti-virus software, that can be uploaded into one of the units' networks and completely purge the virus.[8][9] Unfortunately, this cure was only available to the Aurora Units, and not to the general bioforms that had been infected with Phazon, due to the vaccine being digitally implantable and nothing more. However, Samus has been corrupted twice by Phazon and has recovered both times. The first recovery was due to the Metroid Prime pulling at the Phazon within her in order to save itself. The second time Samus was corrupted, she destroyed Phaaze, which apparently destroyed all Phazon in the universe. This is assumed to have cured all others corrupted by Phazon as well.

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

Bioforms and organisms that have been infected by the Phazon virus are listed below:

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Gallery[edit | edit source]


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