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Metroid (series)
Super Metroid Title Screen

Super Metroid Title Screen

Publisher Nintendo
Developer(s) Nintendo, Retro Studios, Team Ninja
Genre Action-adventure game

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The Metroid series is a series of action-adventure video games published by Nintendo. The story follows the adventures of the space-faring Bounty Hunter Samus Aran as she traverses the universe thwarting Space Pirate schemes to dominate the galaxy. The series is named after parasitic energy-siphoning lifeforms, called Metroids, the origins and fate of which are intrinsically intertwined with Samus Aran herself.

The series is known for its strong female protagonist and exploration-style gameplay. The original titles were 2D side-scrollers, and later installments, beginning with Metroid Prime, introduced a first-person 3D perspective. The nonlinear gameplay element often requires the player to backtrack through previously visited areas after acquiring new equipment, which can be used to open previously inaccessible routes. Because most of the titles introduce few or no supplementary characters to interact with, the plot is usually revealed through visual storytelling, textual data analyses that can be downloaded by scanning terminals or objects, or intrapersonal dialogue.


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