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The Rhedogian firing a devastating laser attack


Metroid: Other M

Vulnerable Area(s)
  • Orifice
  • Horns

Seeker Missiles


Rhedogian mini-boss battle theme

The Rhedogian[1] are creatures found in Metroid: Other M. Samus encounters three of these behemoths on the Bottle Ship; one in particular is encountered multiple times.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

Samus first encounters the Rhedogian in the Cryosphere on an elevator after dispatching seven Super Zebesians armed with Wave Beam technology. After a fierce battle, the elevator eventually reaches the top, and the Rhedogian flies away. It later is seen by Samus attacking Anthony Higgs in the Pyrosphere during her search for the Mystery Creature. She is then authorized to use the Grapple Beam to get up to the ledge to save Anthony, who is about to be dropped into lava after being overpowered by the creature. After taking quite a beating via direct Missile hits to the eye, it flies up and disappears into the lava. Later, in the simulated desert area of the Pyrosphere, the creature ambushes Samus and smashes an elevator. After performing a successful Sensemove, Samus deals more damage to the Rhedogian. After taking a beating, the creature collapses and falls down the elevator shaft, which allows Samus to proceed. During one of Samus's last trips to the Biosphere, the creature again ambushes Samus. After a lengthy and difficult confrontation, Samus emerges victorious and takes the Seeker Missile from the now deceased Rhedogian. Later, in the epilogue, Samus encounters two more Rhedogian on her way to the Control Room.

Battle[edit | edit source]

The Rhedogian is a fierce competitor. It uses the Seeker Missiles, it attempts to ram Samus, it will swipe its limbs, and it has two powerful laser attacks it fires from its eye. The standard one is fast and can be avoided using the Sensemove. The other involves exposing its red eye to charge a shot powerful enough to kill Samus in one hit. This attack cannot be avoided, but the creature is vulnerable to a Missile blast during the charging process, which in turn leaves it vulnerable to an Overblast. Despite its strength and durability, the Rhedogian can be killed in one shot with a Power Bomb. This only applies to the two encountered in the epilogue, however, as Samus cannot freely use Power Bombs until she defeats the Queen Metroid.

References[edit source]

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