Battle Cruiser Emmons

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Battle Cruiser Emmons
Game(s) Metroid Prime
Owner Unspecified (possibly Galactic Federation)
Status Unspecified
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The Battle Cruiser Emmons is a space vessel mentioned in Metroid Prime.

When the Space Pirate research vessel Orpheon crashed into Tallon IV from low orbit,[1] the Planetary Stealth Technology being utilized by the Pirates to shroud their presence was briefly interrupted. The Battle Cruiser Emmons was evidently passing nearby the star system during this time, but the Pirates managed to evade detection with the restoration of their planetary cloak.

The Pirates' eagerness to evade detection by this ship may indicate that it's owned and operated by the Galactic Federation, though Scan Data fails to state this explicitly.

Scan Data


  1. "Derelict Space Pirate ship that self-destructed in low orbit above Tallon IV. Faint life signs detected in interior." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Planetary stealth technology is back online. We have evaded detection by the battle cruiser Emmons. The brief lapse in planetary security caused by the crash of our frigate is over. Now we can concentrate our efforts on the Hunter." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)