Delano 7

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Delano 7
Delano 7

Sylux's Delano 7

Game(s) *Metroid Prime Hunters
First Appearance Metroid Prime Hunters
Chronological First Appearance Metroid Prime Hunters
Owner Sylux
Class Delta-class[1]
Status Active

The Delano 7 is the Delta-class gunship flown by the Bounty Hunter Sylux in Metroid Prime Hunters. The ship's hull is predominantly blue with green accents and is believed to be a stolen Federation prototype.[1]

Samus encounters the ship twice during the events of Hunters. She first sees it on Alinos, where it flies overhead. She later sees it during the fight with Sylux, where it aids the hunter in battle. It has a cannon on its lower hull which automatically fires on targets. This cannon is vulnerable to weapons fire, but can only be temporarily disabled. This is the only hunter gunship that Samus encounters during Hunters other than her own.

The 100% ending of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption shows the Delano 7 tracking Samus's gunship in space.[2]




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